Hooniverse Asks- What Other Vehicles Should Get the Lego Treatment?

lego-tumbler-batmobile Lego – the beloved children’s toy from Denmark – unveiled last week at Comic-Con the latest addition to their Ultimate Collectors Series, the 1,869-piece, Lego Batman Tumbler. At $199 MSRP the kit is not only amazingly detailed, offering movable surfaces and a full interior, but also includes two minifies – the Dark Knight himself and, for the first time ever, Heath Ledger’s Joker, in full purple suit and too-much-chlorine-in-the-pool green hair. Being rendered in Lego is our generation’s method of immortalization. Not only will the peg-block constructions live on in the toy boxes of children for years to come, but they will also serve as reminders of our youth as errant pieces are discovered underfoot when making a late night run to the fridge. Despite the company offering a seemingly unlimited number of construction kits to build everything from simple low walls – one of my favorites as a kid – to aircraft carriers, it’s not all that common that they honor a specific vehicle. I think they should do so with greater frequency. We’ve seen Lego Caterhams, and even a full-sized Lego car, but that’s not nearly enough. What cars and trucks would you like to see get immortalized in Lego? Image: Pocket Lint

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