Hooniverse Asks- What Non-Car Company Would You Most Like To See Build One?

Most of the companies building cars these days have been doing so for decades, and a couple for over a century. The newest kids on the block, Telsa and the like, arose from the either as single-purpose car builders. That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for more at the table, and there’s plenty of brands out there that could easily jump into the car biz, but which one would you like to see do it? Sears and Sowbuck used to be an easy choice, and the formerly giant retailer at one time actually sold cars and motorcycles under their Allstate brand. But what about a corporate behemoth without a history of car crafting? Microsoft has been providing Ford with in-car electronics for a couple of years now, maybe it’s time for them to take a crack at the whole lasagna. That would be 1337. Alternatively, you old school computer geeks may jones for a Commodore Car, that is if Holden doesn’t mind. And there’s a slew of brands outside of the world of hard goods to consider. Would a Gap Car fill a niche? Would a Bank of American Motors interest you? How about if the Cheesecake Factory served up generously sized sedans along with their generously sized portions? Whatever the brand, the possibilities are endless, and with many today’s car companies dead or on the ropes, somebody is going to have to step up and fulfill the pent-up demand once the economy starts firing on all cylinders instead of just firing workers. So, which would it be, what brand would you like to see build a car, and why? And if you’re rally passionate about it, what would they make and what would the cars be called? NBC Used Cars; If you haven’t driven it, it’s new to you! Image sources: [muscle-cars.blogspot.com, rewardsdirect.com]

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