Hooniverse Asks- What Neighbor's Car Do You Secretly Covet?

Unless your life is a prime time soup opera, your neighbor’s wives and daughters should be considered off limits, lest you get a 12 gauge to the bait and tackle. That’s not to say that you can’t lust after their wheels, and if you stay away from their women folk, perhaps they’ll entrust you with the key to the house when they go on vacation.
Perhaps you don’t live in a neighborhood that is rife with covetable cars, but as we’re always told by advertising that we need to keep up with the Joneses, there must be somebody on the block driving something you envy them for. Maybe it’s the lawyer down the street with the Porsche Targa, or the divorcee who got her husband’s M6 in the settlement. Or maybe it’s that dink next door who likes to laud his Vette over you – going so far as to wash it right there in the driveway where you can see him caressing its every curve and spraying its headlights and hood with sudsy water. What a showoff.
The thing about neighbors is that you kind of need to be nice to them, because they can make your life  living hell if you’re not. I’m lucky that all of my neighbors are too cool for school, and one of them has a major jones for 914s. That’s a cool car and makes up for the brace of Piruses that also call our street home. But what about you, is there someone on your street, or perhaps a block over, who drives something so sweet you wish it were your own? Let us know how neighborly you are , and remember, leave the ladies alone.
Image sources: [T-low Photography, via Flickr, rjs5689 via Photobucket]

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82 responses to “Hooniverse Asks- What Neighbor's Car Do You Secretly Covet?”

  1. dawescott Avatar

    I gotta say, every time I see my neighbors BMW E39 Touring I fall in love. The bright Alpine White paint with the glossy black Thule storage box on top. Something about that car is just the perfect blend of beauty, strength, and practicality.

  2. Paul_y Avatar

    Among my immediate neighbors, the most covetable car was the early-70s Caprice sedan that my next door neighbor had until recently. Horrible, single-digit-mpg beater tank in babyshit green with a whiteish vinyl top.

    1. Festiva_Movemnt Avatar

      My grandparents had a '76 (I think…) Caprice coupe in the same baby shit green with white vinyl roof/interior. But what really completed the look were the big garbage can lid hubcaps.
      Class E.

  3. M44Power Avatar

    My across-the-street neighbor has a sad looking MGB. I've got no idea if it runs or not, the paint has faded to that dull red, and there is a tarp replacing the top. That car is begging to be wrenched on and played with.

  4. Tripl3fast Avatar

    I live across the street from a guy who is as old as dirt and has two or three Rat Rods. He could be the original owner of them, he's that old. Every weekend there seems to be a "cruise' that starts at his house and four or five more show up. His daily driver is an old Caddy that is as long as a city block and brown. I wave and give him the thumbs up as often as possible.

  5. engineerd Avatar

    I live in a solidly middle-class Dearborn neighborhood. Most of my neighbors work for Ford or depend on Ford for their business. So, we all have a slew of Fords. However, there are a few interesting cars. Like the old lady a block or two away that drives a G8 GXP. Or the crusty old guy down the street who drives a late-'70s XJ6. Actually, he drives it sometimes, but usually it has its hood up. Then there's the E36 3-Series which sits in a driveway across the street from a brand new 335i. They are kind of the oddballs of our street. On Dog Walk Route 1 there's a guy who gets an M-Plate Raptor from time to time and another guy with a '30 or '31 Model A Deluxe Roadster.
    In a neighborhood dominated by late model Ford vehicles, finding these little gems is not only fun, but occasionally makes me drool.

    1. Mechanically Inept Avatar

      In my solidly upper-class West Bloofield neighborhood, there are a startling number of old British cars. 3 Triumph TR6's and one MGB. One of the TR6's belongs to my uncle, and the MGB belongs to my neighbor across the street, who bought it new. None of them see much time on the road, for some weird reason…

  6. njhoon Avatar

    There are a couple of cars i my area that I like. One of the reasons is they stand out like sore thumbs in my working/middle class area. The next bloack over someone has a brand new M5 and a lady on our block, her boyfriend has an A8. Both are lust worthy. There is a guy a few blocks away has a cherry 80's something Ford Fiesta and that might be the coolest one.

  7. damnelantra™[!] Avatar

    that yellow lotus elise up on del mar. rob im sure you know the one…

    1. Robert Emslie Avatar
      Robert Emslie

      Yup, I'm familiar with the ride. I have a neighbor that has both an aircooled Westfalia and a 912 coupe. Keep wanting to walk up there an say hello.

  8. P161911 Avatar

    A friend of mine down the street just got a pre-Samurai Suzuki jeep. It is so basic, looks like I could probably lift the engine out by myself. I hate to say it but it qualifies as cute too. But cute in a spray on bedliner interior kind of way.
    There is some punk up the street with a fairly new M5. I'm guessing it is either a salvage title of he works for a dealer or something. My neighborhood isn't THAT nice.
    The girl across the street has a boyfriend that drives a nice 1970s Mustang fastback.
    An old guy up the street has a really nice VW Thing that mostly stays in his garage.
    Everything else pretty much falls into the generic pick-up/SUV/minivan/crossover/Camry category. A few others of interest are: a couple of Miatas, a Crossfire coupe, and an E-class diesel.

  9. Syrax Avatar

    That effin' yellow Zonda the guy keeps parading around here. The looks are not for me, but that M120 V12 sounds like heaven.

    1. Syrax Avatar

      It's actually pretty nice. This is from when it was still for sale.
      <img src="http://img827.imageshack.us/img827/1183/img8887.jpg&quot; width="400"/>

      1. Tim Odell Avatar
        Tim Odell

        A brown Zonda would be incredible.

  10. ckay Avatar

    My neighbor's Lemans Blue C6 Z06, factory chromes with Kook Longtubes, MTI cam, and a Bassani exhaust.

  11. discontinuuity Avatar

    Jeep Rubicon

  12. Alff Avatar

    There are a lot of car nuts in my neighborhood, thus much to admire. There are four vehicles, in particular, that I lust after …
    A race- prepped '67 Mustang, a vintage military Harley Davidson with sidecar, an extremely low mileage early NSX (driven perhaps 500 miles per year) and that same guy's pristine V65 Magna.
    There's another one that I'm very curious about. An elderly widow down the street has what appears to be a partially assembled Devin stashed in one corner of the garage. I'm gonna have to introduce myself one of these days.

    1. Alff Avatar

      This got me thinking. My little village of about 120 homes has a high percentage of old and interesting iron, probably because many of my neighbors are older. In addition to the vehicles listed above, I am aware of …
      Early 60s Dodge (Polara?)
      Porsche 944
      MG Midget
      2 C3 Convertibles
      Audi TT
      Model A
      '75 Cadillac Eldorado
      65 Impala, restored
      72 Nova 4-door, also restored
      65 Mustang Coupe
      65 Mustang Fastback
      67 Mustang
      70 Mach 1
      mid-70's 450 SL
      Porsche 914
      Mercury Marauder (I don't dig them but I know some Hoons do)
      57 T-bird, resplendent in pink
      First-gen MR2 track day car
      Lincoln Mark III
      1972 El Camino
      2 late 80's Range Rovers
      a fleet of first gen Toyota 4-runners (owned by the guy who operates the town's only service station)
      55 Chevy 210 coupe
      Studebaker Lark
      1963 Galaxie Convertible, restored
      2 Ford Lightnings
      First gen BMW 5 Series
      IH Pickup
      68 Mustang Convertible
      RatRod Model A
      Yes, heavy on American, at least when it comes to older stuff (Me being me I don't notice the newer stuff as much). Thus is the midwest. But I know there's more. Maybe I need to organize a town-wide car show

  13. dukeisduke Avatar

    Sadly, I can't think of a single covet-worthy (sorry, covetable is a real word) car in my neighborhood. Damn.
    There is a bleach blond that I occasionally see driving a bone-stock white C6 coupe, but it doesn't really impress me.
    On the other hand, LG Motorsports (Lou Gigliotti) is located about five minutes from my house, and there's always something covet-worthy there, from Lou's race cars, to customer cars, to Lou's antique Cadillacs.

    1. jeeplovr Avatar

      In my neighbor hood there's a blond that occasionally passes by my house in her bright white Saleen Mustang. But, that's about it for covetable cars in my neighborhood.

  14. ptschett Avatar

    I have lots of neighbors since I live in an apartment, but it's a sea of GM N-bodies and crossovers (with the occasional beige Camry for added blandness). One guy does have a early-'00's BMW 3-series coupe that's pretty nice, another guy has an early-'90's Trans Am convertible, and someone in the 2nd building over has a black '60's Cadillac sedan with purple ghost flames that must be too long to fit in these 20' garages.
    Now with the Challenger I've probably confirmed my insanity in the minds of my neighbors.

  15. Maymar Avatar

    The guy across the road from me has a rat-rodded Model A, Porsche Speedster replica, and is currently working on a total heap of an early 80's F-series. In spite of these all being excellent candidates, I think I lust most for the Mazda5 that sits in my neighbor's half of our driveway.

  16. alcology Avatar

    Can I covet something for spite? Some chump around the corner has one of those 98 corvette pace cars that I'd like to get my mitts on to drive into boston harbor. It bothers me.

  17. Jeff Glucker Avatar
    Jeff Glucker

    The '69 Charger that is parked around the corner from me… often on the street.

  18. PFG Avatar

    The guy across the street has a white XK120 roadster and a flat-black '59 El Camino. I seriously want to hang out with him sometime.

  19. SSurfer321 Avatar

    My neighbor is a body shop. Rarely anything interesting as his clientele favors the SUV on 30"s with color changing paint. But I do have two body shops down the street that get some really vintage iron.
    Paul Schroyer Auto has a Bricklin SV-1 that keeps showing up with a for sale sign on it. There is an old Volvo P1800 stashed in the back he is restoring and other misc. iron I don't recognize. I keep telling myself to make the time to stop by, so I could have a story to share with my fellow Hoons.
    The other shop is Moses Automotive which has had countless cars featured in HotRod and other mags. They usually have some sort of muscle car they are restoring.

  20. muthalovin Avatar

    My neighborhood is seriously lacking in the covetable cars. The Cap Metro Prius? The '98 Mustang that is beat to shit? The bright spot is our neighbors son's Supra, although I do not have any respect for it since its a non-turbo fart-can model. I guess, I covet our cars most. Is that possible?

  21. dwegmull Avatar

    Lust worthy cars in my neck of the suburbia are all over the map. In no particular order:
    – Volvo Amazon and early 100 series wagon (both daily driven)
    – Ford Festiva in great shape.
    – Late model Corvette: I've never had a good look at it but it sounds great!
    – BMW 2002. Pictures here: http://wegmuller.org/v-web/gallery/BMW_2002
    – Morris Minor. Pictures: http://wegmuller.org/v-web/gallery/album72

  22. Slow Joe Crow Avatar
    Slow Joe Crow

    Other than the Lebanese on the corner with the fleet of BMWs and Range Rovers my neighborhood is a little dull. The guy down the block with the matching Yellow and White '55 Bel Air convertible and Nomad moved away, after trading one in on new retro T-bird. I think the guy with the bugeye sprite under a tarp also moved so my motorcycle ('78 BMW R100s) is now the king of cool old vehicles although I would still like the Series I Discovery SE7 the the people down the street have.

  23. MasterKoofy Avatar

    Long time reader, first time commenter.
    The neighbor cars I covet the most would be the '97 Mustang Cobra my next door neighbor has that he is always tinkering on. One a block down has a C4 Corvette and another a '65 Corvette Sting Ray 'vert. The convertible is oh so sexy.
    However, the guy a few blocks down has a Lamborghini Gallardo and a Mercedes E55 AMG that I have to mop up the drool whenever I see them, never mind hear.

    1. Tim Odell Avatar
      Tim Odell


    2. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

      Thumbs up for getting in on the tomfoolery!

    3. engineerd Avatar

      I'm a long time commenter and first time reader.
      Welcome! It's good to see new commenters! Some of us old guys can be boring.

      1. ZomBee Racer Avatar

        (chuckle on that one!)

  24. tenbeers Avatar

    Condo living puts all your neighbors cars in the same garage as you, so it's easy to spot the gems. Amongst all the boring, forgettable cars in varying shades of gray there's a red '67 Fiat Dino, a blue 2004 VW R32, a blue W123 300D driven by an old lady who has owned it since new, a green (what else?) Subaru SVX, a red Miata with a sturdy looking rollbar, and every so often my neighbor brings up his red Lancia Scorpion. Sometimes there's a white C5 Z06 parked across the street as well.

  25. Tim Odell Avatar
    Tim Odell

    I'm pretty sure I'm that guy in my neighborhood. Luckily my flimsy gate and ferocious guard dog keep the riff-raff out. Except when I let them in.
    Speaking of riff-raff, there's a dude down the street with a mostly-straight but phenomenally rough '65 Galaxie drop top with a tattered top. 352 FE. His name's Raffa and he's almost certainly a mid-level drug dealer. Nice guy, though. We talk Fords all the time. Buddy and Roscoe play.
    Also within less than 5 minutes of walking in my neighborhood:
    ~65 Buick Electra 225, '57 Chevy, 65 Comet drop-top, late 70s Cadillac Humongous on 13" Daytons, ?? Morris Minor 1000, Subaru XT, ~69 GMC Jimmy, 65 Mustang, 2 E28 528s, and a Toronado-based GMC RV. Then there's the guy with 3-4 hardcore 4x4s on >40" tires with 1-ton drivetrains.
    …and I don't even live in a very good neighborhood. LA's just that awesome if you're a gearhead.
    Most covet-able, however is this '67 Implala fast back:
    <img src="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3130/2751161545_bb60acc059.jpg&quot; width="500" height="334" alt="1967 Impala Fastback (12)" />
    It's been sitting, dusty and cobweb-y like that for years now. Not unlike some of my heaps, it gets used every few months, then goes back to sitting. Needs new wheels and not much else.

    1. Robert Emslie Avatar
      Robert Emslie

      Buddy is soooooo ferocious.

  26. MarionCobretti Avatar

    There is a '67 Firebird sitting beside someone's garage a few blocks away. It's relatively rust free and appears complete. But it hasn't moved in three years. It deserves a better life than to sit there wasting away. I'm tempted some days to walk down there, pound on the door, and ask what they want for it. But I fear my reaction if they responded with a low ball figure.

  27. Goingincirclez Avatar

    There aren't a lot of terribly exciting cars in my neighborhood; indeed, when my Angstmobile's in town it seems to get a lot of approving glances. At least that's what like to tell myself… as opposed to it's unrepaired cessna-about-to-crash exhaust note bringing looks of "WTF?"
    However, there are a few notables within a 2 or 3 block radius, including a '73 Roadrunner and a '74 Thunderbird. Neither is particularly lustworthy but they are unusual for certain. More lustworthy is the Chevy C10 owned a couple doors down – I'm not a C10 expert but it looks to be at least 25 years old and is in great shape.
    There ARE a lot of vehicles tucked around Frankfort though, I've often thought about stealing the DOTS concept. I'd have to start with the drop-top Scout in our old neighborhood, the primered '49 Dodge Wagon on mudders that roams, or the stash of pre-war Chevy's in plain view in the drug haven neighborhood a mile or so over.

  28. Hopman Avatar

    There's a guy in my condo complex who has a MINT Nash Metropolitan. I wish I could find him and ask him for a ride in it!

  29. Tomsk Avatar

    If we limit it to my block, I'd say the very original, one owner 924 across from us and the '70 El Camino that lives further up across the street. Extend the radius by a couple blocks and there's the guy around the corner with with a DeLorean (which doesn't do much for me, TBH), a Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet and…a BMW Z1 that he managed to register for limited mileage under the "show and display" rule.
    Go a little further and there's a guy with a rather amazing vehicular menagerie: a '68 or '69 Skylark 2-door hardtop, a '63 T-bird, a Cordoba, a '67 Catalina convertible and a very period correct early- to mid-'70s Dodge Sportsman. Hell, I even sorta kinda dig his LaCrosse Super.

  30. Clashtastic Avatar

    Current covetable list in my neighborhood:
    '68 Camaro RS/SS
    Jaguar E-Type Series I
    E46 M3, 335is, couple Terminator Cobras, E-Green '99 Cobra 'vert to match my E-Green cobra coupe, shelby cobra replicar, caterham seven, 996 carerra, clk63 amg, srt8 jeep, c6 corvette, ford gt, cobra jet race car, xjr, svt-lightning, lifted and built Jeep Wrangler that actually goes off road, raptor, s60r six speed, 30s auburn sedan and packard sedan…
    gotta love Michigan.

    1. Matt Avatar

      I hate you… My other neighbor has a buddy with a Raptor murdered out that comes to visit sometimes. And the Lightning.. jeez that's what I'm trying to turn my Supercrew into! I love those trucks man..

  31. Mr_Biggles Avatar

    One of the Steam Whistle Brewery partners lives a block east of us. I covet whichever of their fabulous fleet of vehicles he drives home and parks on the street.
    And we all get a good chuckle over Trans Am Guy who drives around aimlessly in his Smokey And The Bandit era Trans Am, but I can't really say that I covet it…at all.

    1. Maymar Avatar

      You know, Steamwhistle now has a 5th gen Camaro, and a much better product than Coors. I'd say we're a Trans Am kit away from a remake.

    2. engineerd Avatar

      I covet your easy access to Steam Whistle.

  32. Josh Avatar

    The only cool or interesting or new cars I have around me are located at the "Red Dragons" trailer/house (it has roof built over a single wide). He drives a nice Porsche 911 Turbo.

  33. Tiller188 Avatar

    Not sure about full-out coveting, but there are a few interesting gems around here… One guy across the street used to have a very clean black Tempest, which I initially thought was even more awesome because I pegged it for a 1st-gen GTO from a distance. That has since disappeared, and now a very clean black 1st-gen Mustang is in its place. Then there's the sleeper-spec-beige SHO (not sure what year, but looks early) and, just for fun, the olive-drab Unimog.

  34. BGW Avatar

    I live in one of those edge neighborhoods that, 5 years ago, was "red hot" but now is more of a pale pink. "New" cars are mostly the same old Camrys and Explorers, old cars are late 80s-mid 90s American sedans. The only real standout in this neighborhood is the lifted teal Type 2 around the corner that's solely relegated to beach driving. There's also a Fiat Spyder nearby that, as best I can tell, serves mostly to keep other people from parking in front of the owner's house, because I've not seen it move in about 3 years.
    That said, the elderly lady across the street has a lawn care-type guy who, when he comes by just to do some general trimming, brings his Land Rover Discovery 110. It's one of those models that, from across the street, looks fairly pristine, but as you get closer, the body craters and poor respray starts to jump out. If it had a snorkel, I'd have to make him an offer, just because.

  35. Eggwich Avatar

    My neighborhood is full of 25 year olds that are disappointed if they are still driving the same newish BMW 3series or Audi A4 they had at the frat/sorority house. Plenty of nice cars, but not a lot of personality.
    Guy half a block down has a Citroen 2CV that is half put together; he is always shuffling around in different parking spots, he makes me smile.
    Guy next door has a nice Maserati GT in dark green with the saddle interior, good looking car, but whenever he gets out he looks like he is going to die from the effort, so I don't envy him too much.
    Guy in the apartment next to me has his dream car, a 1980 MGB in super intense electric blue. He loves it, and I love that, but that car kinda gives me the pukers. I tried to look up the model name in image search and it gave me a stomachache. It's a little convertible, and it's kind of pointy.
    Yellow Barracuda guy four blocks over always gets love from me. It sounds good, and it has this all white interior that cracks me up in a good way.
    But I'm going to give the prize to old Accord lady. I'm going to guess it's an 1980, total guess. Super small. Funny vent on the hood. Sidewalk grey in color, somewhat unloved in appearance. I told her "nice car" once when I saw her at Safeway, she thought I was mocking her.

    1. Feds_II Avatar

      Triumph TR7. Pointy convertible. Tr7
      <img src="http://images.gtcarlot.com/gtgallery/photo.php?id=5267064&quot; width=500>

      1. Eggwich Avatar

        Ha that's what I thought it was too, but his vanity license plate says it's an MGB. It has some 80s MGB lettering on the side too. It's pointy, but not that pointy. (I like that TR7 better, even with the tire tread super safety bumper.)

    2. ZomBee Racer Avatar

      Something like this?
      MGBs are not for everyone, and the late rubber bumper cars even less so. They don't look too bad if you chop the duck-nose off however. I've found a couple of them "cheap" (right around $500 in fact, ha-ha!) and given them nose jobs. Most people can't tell the difference between them and the chrome bumper cars. And they sure are tough little cars.
      <img src="http://www.wheelsinmotionauctions.com/images/_albums/47/blue_car.jpg&quot; />

      1. Eggwich Avatar

        That's probably it; I've been google searching for the sumb and it's angrying up my blood that I can't find a definitive answer. I feel like the nose is more sloped and it has bad vents along the fenders, but I may be just projecting ugliness onto my memory of it.
        I will hunt it down this weekend and post a definitive answer. Not that I expect anyone else to check back, I'm just neurotic like that.
        And dude always tells me how great it is to drive a "sports car" down windy Highway 84. And I tell him I love driving 84 too, but he seems dismissive of my car because it's not a sports car, despite the fact that I would totally obliterate in him in any kind of race or comparison besides a "which car is lighter?" contest. I could almost stop at every turn and restart the car and still compete with that little shite bucket. (Fordz rulz)

        1. ZomBee Racer Avatar

          Ha-ha! Yeah, I got ya.
          I don't think he means to be dismissive (although he might). MG owners tend to not have the greatest social skills though. Couple that with a bit of hyper-focused passion and some of them come off a bit odd…
          What he's probably is getting at is that MG was the company that started the whole "Sporting-cars" thing way-back-when before WWII and there is some obscure pride there. They were the original "proper" sports car, as outdated as that is. However the MGB also has mechanicals that essentially date all the way back to that very beginning. It's pretty old school. Your car would kick it's ass any day of the week, sports car or not.
          I've driven, tested and rented hundreds of different types of cars, and damn near anything out there is worlds better than an MG. Hell, a Shelby was one of the highlight of my driving career. But that doesn't tell the whole story.
          I equate it to comparing musical instruments. There are electric guitars out there that are much better and more capable of shredding than say an old Gibson Les Paul. The Gibson makes certain sounds naturally that are a little different than other guitars, but you can do a lot with sound effects and computers that will let a Strat blow a Gibson out of the water.
          Yet the Gibson still has a quirky feel and is a joy to play that is all it's own. Not better, just different. It where the roots are, and addicting like a bad drug. For some people it's their dream guitar.
          By the same token my wife's crappy econobox is a much better car than any of my MGBs. Any of my friends cars will blow me away, and they are all great fun to drive. The little magic part however is the analog feel from the old-school sports car. The sounds, the quirks, the feel. It's a lot like an old instrument. It's that bad drug thing.
          Digital music is much clearer than a vinyl record, not to mention easier to listen to on a mountain bike. But records and tube amps are still cool in their own right. Not better, just different. There are also much better shoes out there than the ones I wear. Cooler, faster, last longer, high tech etc. Yet even though they smell funny and look like crap, for some reason I still prefer my old Vans.
          Same goes with an MG. It's that bad drug thing. Once people get hooked it's hard to quit. So your neighbor is probably just stoned on the exhaust leaks and trying to tell you how good it makes him feel. 🙂 You can get him help, or try a hit yourself… but beware, only the first one is free.
          BTW, this isn't 84 in Ca is it?

          1. Eggwich Avatar

            I hear you, and your point is totally valid. It's got that old school feel, plus it's the car he wanted (or had) when he was fresh out of high school (I know I want another foxbody one of these days, and I will bore people with my claims of it's awesomeness.) And he's a cool guy, we get along well. The main thing is he loves his car, and anyone who loves their car is good in my book. Ragging on my car never helps, though, lol jk lol. I tried complimenting him one day with "man that baby must be lightweight and fun!" and he was all "no, that's good solid steel, it's got a good weight!" missing my light=good point, but whatever.
            And yes, I am talking about CA 84 in Redwood Shores or whatever city it's in. Love that road. I'm in San Fran, you?

          2. ZomBee Racer Avatar

            South bay! Love to take the wife to the coast and back, stop in at Alice's resturaunt for one of thier awesome burgers, and cruise down Skyline/35. We usually take the GPz or the MGB. And let me tell you how great it is to drive a "sports car" down windy Highway 84, hee-hee-hee! 😉

          1. Eggwich Avatar

            Dang, I like that, but that's not it. I tried to get a good view of it this weekend, but he was driving the Merc. Should've asked him but he just got back from a funeral. "Sorry about your friend, but what model is your car?" Even I have some boundaries and class. (Farts, high fives self.)

          2. ZomBee Racer Avatar

            Ha-ha-ha! (Beer out nose) Good one!
            Ok, here's the other less cool version that was plastered on many a late car…
            <img src="http://www.xtremegraphixtrim.com/wp-content/gallery/graphicstripes/mgb.jpg&quot; width="500" />

          3. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

            Yeah, the black MGB I posted is definitely the one to have. I like the green, but not the gold…

  36. retro Avatar

    <Looks out of window>
    Vauxhall Astra, Nissan Pixo, BMW X3, Peugeot 206, Renault Laguna, Ford Galaxy.
    No, I don't covet any of my neighbours cars.

    1. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

      What the hell is a Pi…
      …ugh. Okay, I don't blame you.

  37. Feds_II Avatar

    One of my neighbours has an A-100 van, and a CMP Truck. Those are the most covetable IMHO. The guy beside him has a pair of FJ40's. There is a collector of pre-war cars a couple of doors down, all the way back to brass era stuff.
    Around the corner in the other direction someone is restoring a Bricklin, and there is a guy who is trying to sell a 2-tone screaming yellow-and-black C3 corvette for way too much money.
    The house behind me has a collection of '40s tractors, of which I covet a few.
    There's a model A touring that putters by the house on weekends, and a 57 T-bird that does the same.
    We're a pretty eclectic neighbourhood.

  38. Gearhead_318 Avatar

    Nearest to Farthest
    1) Dad's 01 Mustang GT Vert (I'd have had a 5 speed coupe)
    2) Mazda Protege "Familia" w/ a trubo and racing seats from what i can see
    3) MK5 WV GTI
    4) Mini Clubmen S (I'd get the Cooper S, but whatever)
    5) SN95 Bullitt Mustang
    6) Datsun 240Z or 260Z
    7) 3rd gen Firebird, needs a 350 and a 5/6 speed though
    8) Porsche 550 Spyder Replica (loud)
    9) NB Miata
    10) Black on Black C6 Z06
    11) 07 (?) GT500 (same house as the Z06)

  39. ZomBee Racer Avatar

    Good god, and you are still sitting there?

    1. M44Power Avatar

      Well, he has a pretty constant stream of hellishly terrible cars. When I moved in, he saw me unloading my basket-case 1986 W124 Mercedes and tried to sell me a mid-80s Jag XJ6. Maybe if I wait long enough he'll dig out a Datsun 510 for me.

      1. Alff Avatar

        Did you ever get the W124 roadworthy? A friend has offered me a free "ran when parked" (15 years ago) 1972 300 SEL with a 4.5 V8, in exchange for the right to drive it once a year. I'm sorely tempted, except that I know how painful the resurrection may be. If I can enlist some other ne'er do wells, I think it would make an excellent LeMons candidate, although it might be a sin given its good cosmetic condition.

        1. M44Power Avatar

          That's a regret of mine. I got it roadworthy (outside of needing tires- they were dry rotted) and the only remaining issues were the cold start valve and the blower resistor. Then, being my idiot self, I sold it for $700. Of course, that represents me breaking even since I got the car for free and just was putting parts into it. But still…
          With respect to your 300, I would jump on that. They are fun to work on, will need it a lot, and parts are more available than you would guess. Save the LeMons entry slot for a Festiva. 🙂

  40. Matt Avatar

    The guy that moved in just a couple months ago has a beautiful, silver Aston Martin V8 Vantage. About once a day I'll hear the glorious note of that 4.7L V8 burble down my street. Sometimes I can hear him coming from a mile off and I'll run to the window just to listen as he blips the throttle going into his alley. I've met the guy. He's pretty cool. But I would kill for that car.

  41. ZomBee Racer Avatar

    Much like Dr Mad above, *I'm* the guy with all the toys in my neigborhood. 🙂
    Ok maybe not so much. It's all old cheap crap. But I think people secretly love old cheap crap.
    There are however several covet-worthy vehicles within a half mile or so. One is a late baby-blue IH Scout (as seen several times on Bring a trailer?). There is also an orange 71 Challenger and a green 67 Mustang fastback at the same house. Several blocks away sits a rough 57 Chevy under a car cover, a rat-rod mid 60's Cadillac hurst and another 65 International pickup.
    There is SWEET 68 Plymouth Belvedere 4 door survivor that visits down the street, Light rootbeer brown metallic I would KILL to have. still shines almost like new and has the original hubcaps.
    And on a regular basis there are several Fords that cruise by, 3 nearly stock mid 70's Broncos, a 58 Ford Fairlane 2 door post with a healthy motor, an old roadster, and an AC Cobra replica.
    On weekends there is a Richard Petty Look alike (hat and all) that cruises by in an early Ferrari Dino and gives me the thumbs up.
    And of them all, I think I'd like the Plymouth most.
    I do have a crazy old neighbor who keeps talking about her dad's old cars she wants to get rid of in her garage. I don't know what they are but it's killing me to find out. The problem is she is bat-shit crazy, and I try to make myself scarce when she comes walking down the street. She just won't shut up.
    Am I bad person?

  42. Kah Avatar

    to doors down an off white 356 Coupe lives, yes i lust after its old school German goodness, as a kid about a block away from our house a yellow Pantera the guy never took it out we only knew it was there because some times he left his 2 car garage door open his other car? not memorable.

  43. Mechanically Inept Avatar

    There's one gentleman who has an early 944 in red. It's in beautiful condition, and it's almost never driven; just kept in the garage. I don't understand people who have a nice (working) car and never drive it. If he just wants a Porsche to park and look at, I'll trade him my POS 924S anyday. I believe there is a person with a 6-speed G8 GXP, and there's a nice E30 with some front collision damage that I've recently seen in an open garage. A friend of my sister's lives in the neighborhood and owns a silver Ferrari 308QV, but I don't really covet it.

  44. Alff Avatar

    People, especially those here, PUBLICLY love cheap crap. In fact, I regret buying three of the four vehicles in my drive because they were too expensive and I know how much way more entertaining cheap crap I could have purchased for the same small fortune.
    Don't feel bad about that neighbor … I think everybody has one like that. I know I do. Unfortunately, if I don't talk to her she'll let her dog crap in my yard. She must be on to me.

  45. Black Steelies Avatar

    I like my own car too much to covet any of my neighbors cars. I live in a pretty blase, nondescript rural area where any European car is a rare sight compared to the obligatory red lifted mid 80s Chevy truck or crawling farm tractor. However there is one kid at work, a lifeguard, who drives an all black Crown Vic P71 interceptor that is indeed a bitchin' car.

  46. name_too_long Avatar

    Depends on which house I'm at. At my parent's place there used to be a guy up on the corner who at various times had a T bucket, Boss 302, and S500 Coupe… he moved. There was another guy with a S2000… he moved. Right now there's an FJ40, cool but not really my thing.
    Within a few blocks of my current place there's a semi-rat P1800 which gets driven, a VW bug with an absolutely cherry body and somewhat dodgy interior that's just been sitting for at least six months, several "better than new" 1950-1960s flat bed farm trucks, more FJs and CJs than you can shake a stick at, and a 60's Continental which has been sitting under a cover for years (and belongs to my family. It is likely to become my own project car Limbo… a Lincoln with a known history can't really be hell now can it?)

  47. Age_of_Aerostar Avatar

    There's a house over one street that has a 4 car garage (individual doors for each) which is unheard of for my neighborhood.
    What keeps me interested, is that I have NEVER seen one of those doors open, and I'm dying to see what rests behind them!

  48. Mike Avatar

    Best thing on my street is a 2007 Ford Mustang GT. The rest are family SUVs and soccer-mom vans. I guess that makes the GT the most covetable.

  49. Schm Avatar

    My neighbor down the street had a 06 330xi like mine but in a really nice blue color. He works for American Italian Pasta, and apparently made some serious dough, as he just rolled up with a new black 6-series coupe, while the 330 still sits in the drive. While the 6 isn't exactly the most beautiful car, it's a pretty baller ride and is fast as hell.

  50. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

    Cars? Well, there's a Volvo 740 SE (I believe it's an SE) that visits the folks next door on occasion, and I've considered stealing it before.
    However, it doesn't compete with the guy across the common – I can look out and see this from my front porch:
    <img src="http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4096/4848269387_ebe7917e05_b.jpg&quot; width=600>

  51. Radcliff Martin Avatar

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  52. thomas Avatar

    2012 boss 302