Hooniverse Asks: What is the best opening movie scene featuring a car?

The correct answer is Baby Driver featuring a 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX. That’s my opinion and I won’t be swayed from it. What other opening scenes of a movie showing a sweet, sweet ride can you watch over and over again? What follows is not a comprehensive list.

Is it Gone in 60 Seconds (2000) with the Porsche 996?

What about Cars?

Or is it Drive (2011)? Maybe John Wick Chapter 2  is your cup of tea?

Please let us know which opening car scene is the best in your humble opinion.


    1. The fake engine noises took me out of it, though. Baby Driver at least had authentic boxer-4 thrum.

  1. The Italian Job. It all goes great right up until the bulldozer.

    *Edit* I have to second the Pixar Cars movie up there. That “kids” movie was, ironically, the last movie I saw in the theater before my first kid was born. I’m far from a NASCAR (or Piston Cup) guy but definitely remember being in awe of the attention to detail.

    1. Absolutely The Italian Job. No other movie sets the stage better for impending automotive mayhem, and does so with the world’s coolest sports car.

  2. And as usual, the original Gone in 60 Seconds puts Gone in Sixty Seconds (see what they did there?) to shame. No one should be allowed to watch the remake, ever.
    (Man, guys from 1974 wearing disguises really look like guys from 2020 dressing up as guys from 1974.)

  3. I don’t know if I would say worst, but after all the hype, it failed to live up to my expectations.

  4. Baby Driver was my first thought as well, when I read the question. I don’t disagree with you.

  5. The Baby Driver intro is excellent. I very much enjoy the tension in the beginning of Driver too though. The car is only a late model Impala, but the scene is pretty great.

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