Hooniverse Asks- What Highway Games Do You Play?

On a long drive, say down California’s Central Valley on I5, or the vast wasteland that is I70 across the mid-west, you can find yourself getting bored. Sometimes you have a traveling companion, but even then there’s only so much you can talk about. And that’s when you can start playing games. Not like that movie Duel kind of games, but games like license plate bingo or scavenger hunt. It can make the hours and miles pass by a little quicker, and helps keep you from nodding off and doing some unintended off-roading.

As the driver, you’re kind of limited in the games you can play, Auto Bingo boards aren’t too much of a distraction, but it’s probably best if someone else slides the covers for you. Plus, that’s one of the games that’s a whole lot less fun playing in solitary . License plate bingo, or if you’re a philatelist, state cataloging, is good whether you’re going solo or in a group. Of course there’s tons of other games that aren’t specifically auto-related but can be played while on a trip- you might remember Dan Aykroyd and Albert Brooks playing Name that Tune from the opening of the Twilight Zone movie a few years back- [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCMMZQFVf4U&feature=related[/youtube] Hopefully your road games don’t end that way, but even if they do what are they? What do you do to keep yourself entertained when are we there yet just doesn’t seem funny anymore, and even AM radio can’t keep your attention? Image source: [primitiveculture.blogspot.com]

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