Hooniverse Asks: What has Been the Most Legacy-Insulting Nameplate Resurrection?

Borgward-SUV-IAA-2015-Vorstellung-1200x800-cad825f50c5446f1 This past Sunday was Easter, the celebration among a number of faiths of Christ’s post-crucifixion resurrection. It’s not just religious icons that get a second turn at life, there have been a slew of auto makes that have also attempted to make a post-mortem come back. Now that I’ve probably pissed a ton of people off with my Jesus/Maybach allegory, let’s take a closer look at the marques that have tried to leave their mark on multiple, separate occasions. One of the first to do so—hell, even while the corpse was still warm—was Avanti, which went back into production just a couple of years after Studebaker’s auto business went belly up. The Avanti proved to be a success, doing its legacy proud. Not all have been so reverent of their history, and those are the ones we’re interested in today. What do you think have been history’s most legacy-insulting brand resurrections? Image: Auto-Bild.de

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