Hooniverse Asks- What Excised Car Feature Do You Miss Most?

The earliest cars came with cranks to get them started. That being more of a burden than a feature, when electric starters became reliable enough, the crank start (for the most part) was abandoned for the ease of electricity. But other features have become either equally redundant due to more modern technologies, or have become passe  in fashion. Which of these do you miss? Vent wings, ashtrays, full-size spares, bench seats in front; for many reasons we just don’t see these features in cars of today – or even in cars of the past decade or so. Back in the day, these features were either just how things were done, or they were innovative answers to identified problems or nuisances to which the technology of the time was applied. But as tech changed, or social mores  shifted, some of these features fell to different priorities and proclivities. As these features are still around on many old cars, we all get the opportunity to sample them from time to time, and frequently, following a trip in one of these codgers we pine for one or more forgotten feature. Is there one or more that you wish was still common today? Image source: [Masterdrive.org, Willystech.com]

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