Hooniverse Asks- What Drives You Nuts About Your Daily Driver?

Usually, your daily driver is something that you’ve personally chosen, and as such is the culmination of a lot of contemplation and weighing of costs/benefits. Of course nothing is perfect and along with all the good your car provides, there’s likely an accompanying bag of bad that you just have to accept. Some of those impediments are things that can be taken with a grain of salt, like too-small radio buttons, or an inconvenient location for the spare. Others, well, they may not be so easy to overlook.

Obviously, if issues with your daily driver outweighed the benefits, you likely would be putting a For Sale sign in the window and working on how to describe the car while omitting its fatal flaws. But even if it’s not that bad, there are things that can just plain drive you nuts while you drive your car. It’s those idiosyncrasies – the ones that make you crazy, but not make you want to get ride of it, that I’m interested in today.

What could possibly be the fly in the ointment, the monkey on the wrench? Could it be gas mileage stuck in the tweens? Maybe it’s where some important piece of switchgear was located by the engineers, a group who never actually took into consideration humans having to use them? Whatever it is, let me know, what is it about your daily driver drives you nuts?

Image: [chrises cars]

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