Hooniverse Asks- What Do You Want to See Spyker Do With Saab?

Spyker’s motto is “Nulla tenaci invia est via”, or “No road is impassable for he who perseveres,” and they managed to overcome Russian investors, brusque GM lawyers and their own financial instability to apparently come out the winner (using that term loosely) in the contest for the gold ring that is Saab. Now, Saab has recently claimed to be born of jets, and Spyker’s propeller-fronted badge is also evocative of machines which ply the skies, but short of actually building a flying car, what should they now do together? Saab’s new Dutch overseers are famous for their land speed records and the amount of polished aluminum in the 300 or so road cars they have built. Not being familiar with series production may prove a hindrance, but then Saab has never been a company that taxed the limits of production line capacity either. So, now that these two, seemingly disparate companies have joined in wedded bliss, what do you want to see in their first born, even if it’s not of jets? Image sources: [Autoblog, drivingsports.com]

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