Hooniverse Asks: What do you want to ask Kazunori Yamauchi, creator of Gran Turismo?

Later this week I will have an opportunity to chat with Kazunori Yamauchi, creator of Gran Turismo videogame series. This is really something special for me as Gran Turismo is really the only videogame I play at any extent. I have had every generation of the game and I have almost competed almost all of them.

While there are other games, games that are in some ways better than Gran Turismo, the fact is Gran Turismo really set the standard for driving game. It was the first game that allowed the player to choose the car that he or she may actually own and modify it accordingly, and somewhat realistically. In its time it was the most realistic driving game, too. And most of all it has always celebrated true enthusiast car culture with frequent historical tales in the later games.

Throughout its renditions the game changed focus from car modifications to driver involvement. Attention was moved from car improvements to driver improvements, from power to handling, from lowering springs to tire type. It sprung the GT Academy, which gave a chance to serious driving videogamers to become actual racing drivers. 

The next chapter of Gran Turismo is upon us and there will be a lot of news regarding it this weekend. I have the feeling that I could probably chat with Kazunori Yamauchi for several hours. But if you have any specific questions, please ask below and I will relay them.

Image source: The Drive.

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