Hooniverse Asks: What do you want out of the new Chevy Blazer?

All this week, I’ve been driving the brand new Chevrolet Blazer. I’ve walked into my time with this vehicle already expecting to dislike it. That’s the wrong way to approach a loan, but it’s hard to block your mind of preconceived notions of what certain cars or trucks should be. Or, at least, what we think they should be.

When I think of the Blazer, I think of two different eras of the older version of the truck. The first brings me back to high school. There was a kid that had an S10 Blazer and it was loaded to the gills with speakers and amps. He would blast music from that thing and, at the time, I thought it was cool as could be. The local cops hated the truck, but good ole Espo’ used to whip that thing all over town, tunes a a blazing.

The second image of a Blazer in my head really should be the first. That’s because it’s the first generation real-deal Blazer introduced way back in 1969. This was the full-size SUV meant to step on the then-tiny Ford Bronco. And for years it did, until Ford upsized its Bronco to compete with the brutish Blazer.

On to today…

Fast forward to 2019, and Chevy has reintroduced the Blazer model name. And it’s stuck it on a mid-size crossover that uses the GMC Acadia platform while wearing a Camaro face mask in a sort of “Hello Clarice” sort of way.

This isn’t the Blazer I imagined when I heard Chevy was reviving the name. Still, it’s a Blazer that probably works pretty damn well for the folks interested in buying it. It’s aggressively styled. The available 308-hp V6 is plenty of power for the average driver. And the interior layout is decently spacious. You need to spend a ton of money for the looks and options that you want though, and that’s going to be a major knock against this thing.

What would you like to have seen Chevy do with its new Blazer? Sound off below. And then look for our video review of the new Blazer in the coming weeks.

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