Hooniverse Asks- What Deceased Auto Maker Do You Miss The Most?

This year has seen the demise of Saturn, Pontiac and potentially Saab. Over the years many more brands have fallen by the wayside, and some of those had been makers of covetable cars. Which of those would you like to still be able to buy today?
Are you jonesing for a new Olds Aurora? How about  a sweet BMW 3.0-powered Glas? Do you still get a little dewy-eyed that new Edsels are but a fantasy? Well, they’re all gone, and it’s unlikely that any of them will be coming back. Not only that but many lower-end cars from defunct brands have found their way to the unfeeling jaws of the junk yard car crusher, making evidence of their presence on Earth even more tenuous. So, which of the long line of formerly pre-expired auto makers do you wish was still poppin’ ’em out? And why?
Image sources: [Philseed.com, Chooseyouritem.com]

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  2. second hand cars Avatar

    I miss my grandpa's favorite car 1920 Premier

  3. cat daddys wife Avatar
    cat daddys wife

    My first car…A brand new, right off the show room floor 1968 Datsun 2000 convertible. Black with red leather interior, chrome luggage rack on trunk lid, 8-trac player, manual transmission. Only 2 bucket seats and a shelf behind the seats for my dog, but it would sh*t and git. Paid $3000+ for it. Wish I still had it. Next favorite was my '69 Plymouth Fury III…it was used but in great shape…would put your head in the back seat on take off…When the Stephen King horror novel "Christine" came out it got the unkind nick-name. But it kinda lived up to the name. 🙂

  4. jej Avatar

    I've always missed the old black '37 Studebaker I grew up with. It was a totally wonderful car! My three sibs had to sit in back, while I always had the ventilator window full in the face in the front seat to combat motion-sickness, no matter what the weather, which could be pretty bleak in Central Wisconsin! Since then, my fave cars over the years have been the Oldmobiles my DH and I've had: The '70s sedan did a wonderful 'vroom-vroom!' — but I'd have to vote our '98 Silhouette which is still clipping along with over 234,000 miles on it as our best ever. (Yup, we've tried to maintain it all the way! ;))) When we discovered GM was abandoning their Olds line, we immediately tracked down another Silhouette, buying it on July 3, '03, which I believe was their very last 'established' day of existence. Of course, the '03 was stripped down and cheapened in many ways, but nevertheless, we pampered it right along with the '98 model, wanting them both to last as long as we might and, sadly, they have outlasted my DH. With 78,000 miles, at least the '03 probably will, and maybe the '98 also will survive me. Yay for the Olds Silhouette!