Hooniverse Asks – What Collectable Car do You Most Wish You Had Bought When They Were Cheap?

side shot If you recall, back on Friday we pondered the sudden and seemingly incomprehensible increase in values that VW’s long-derided Thing has in recent times enjoyed. The Thing isn’t the only thing that has seen prices suddenly take off like a rocket. If you’ve been tracking Porsches of late, the air-cooled ones I mean, you will note that what was once in the realm of possibility for many a modest wallet has now left the value-mart parking lot. I was recently looking at acquiring a 914, and had fully expected that decent drivers were still solidly entrenched in $4-$8K range, where they had seemed to dwell for years. To my shock and disappointment, those cars are now commanding $12-$15K, and really nice ones go for far more than that. And 911s too have seen their values jump by a third or more in the past couple of years. I should have pulled the trigger sooner on that mid-engine German. Then I’d be the one sitting on a rapidly appreciating asset instead of people who aren’t me. What about you, with collector car prices suddenly seeming to be springing all over the place, is the one particular car or truck that you’ve always wanted but now find is out of your price range? Image: Rennlist Forums

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