Hooniverse Asks: What Cars and Trucks Should Never Be Bought, Only Ever Leased?

leasing-sign-808x455 There are very few instances where driving a new car off the lot will suddenly increase its value, and in fact it’s almost a given that that instantaneous change from new to pre-owned will more likely occur with a dip in worth. Sometimes it’s not too bad, while at other times it’s like you’ve just flushed a sizable percentage of your purchase price right down the toilet. One of the worst cars for initial year depreciation is the Hyundai Genesis sedan, which for its first birthday gets an almost 40% drop in its market value. That’s according to a study done by iseecars.com. Other wallet vampyres include the Smart ForTwo and Cadillac CTS. Sorry folks at both ends of the spectrum. That kind of hit can really affect your finances if you’re not Donald Trump. It can also affect the lease cost of a car, only probably not as much as to purchase. Leasing can ensure that you dump a car before the warranty dumps you, which can also save a ton of heartache. With those things in mind what are the cars that you would never ever buy, and would only ever have under lease? Image: Wheels.ca

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