Hooniverse Asks: What car stuff do you do with your free Saturday?

The prospect of a free weekend is nearly a novelty. With a loaded work schedule, numerous hobbies, family on both my wife’s side and my side, and regular attempts to maintain something resembling a social life, plans for us seem to make themselves. In turn, that means most hours of the weekend are accounted for, and most weekends get booked up well in advance. Open and free days are few and far between.

But this Saturday has something different in store for me: I have a free day with almost no plans. Plans for a quick hike with my mom in the morning, then…nothing. No friends around. No other family to see. No autocross events. No local car shows or races. An open Saturday in the middle of the fall. The weather seems like it will be perfect, and I’m certainly not about to waste a day sitting inside.

That begs the question: what to do? Go for a long drive? Wash my car? Shoot photos of the car? All of the above? I’m at a loss. It’s a good problem to have, and one I’ve become largely unfamiliar with.

So, how about you? What car stuff do you do with your free days? I’m open to any and all suggestions, so fire away with your free-day car fun in the comments.

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