Hooniverse Asks- What Car Story Would You Like to See Hollywood Make?

I don’t watch a lot of TV, but one of my favorite shows is HBO’s Entourage. A story arc from last season had pretty-boy Vince starring in a bio-pic about Enzo Ferrari, to be directed by a gun-toting Frank Derabont. As much as I like the show, I like the idea of this movie even more, and that got me to thinking, what other automotive stories do you think Hollywood is ignoring?
The automotive world is a great un-tapped font of ideas for film makers. Why they don’t mine it is anybody’s guess.
Obviously, there’s at least a half-dozen great stories in Carroll Shelby’s life – from his racing days to his heart transplant and current fervor over intellectual rights. Each would make an amazing film, but who would you pick to play the ol’ snake charmer?  Who ever it is, they’ll have to look good in cowboy boots and a stetson.
Another great story is that of Henry Ford and his first furtive attempts at launching an automotive company. It’s a great American Dream fight for success, and on his union bashing efforts in the 1930s would make Hoffa seem like a kiddie tale. If that’s too morose, the company’s efforts to beat the unrequited object of affection, Ferrari, at Le Mans would make for a nail-biting good time.
Max Hoffman, the first big post-war importer has an interesting story to tell, and of course Smokey Yunick’s NASCAR shenanigans are the stuff of legend. Each would make a riveting film, but sadly, none of these stories have an initial movie to leech off of. Today’s Hollywood doesn’t like a story that doesn’t already have a reputation for success in the can, and hence sequels rule the megaplexes.
But that doesn’t mean it’s the way it has to be. And you’re just the kind of guys and gals to effect the change. Just let us know what automotive story you’re dying to see immotalized on film and we’ll get that production deal started. Once I have your suggestions, I’ll get Ari Gold on the phone and will set up meetings with the top studio execs. Well, not really, but hell, there’s still a whole lot of stories out there that should be getting made, even if we can’t make it happen. Well can all dream, after all.
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  1. P161911 Avatar

    If you have read the books, then you realize that the car racing wasn't necessarily the most interesting part of his life. From running away from home to race motorcycles and work in the Gyrocopter factory to going completely around the world during WWII.