Hooniverse Asks- What Car or Truck Have you Been Surprised to see Still on the Road?


Yesterday, as I was racing the rats home after a long slog at the office I came across something I haven’t seen in years, and it surprised the heck out of me. There, in the number three lane, buzzing along like an angry wasp and flapping various pieces of trim in the wind, was a Pontiac LeMans. Now, this wasn’t the cool old LeMans like the one that began life as a trim package on Pontiac’s Tempest, nor the one that carried GM’s first SOHC straight six or served as the basis for the venerable GTO, no this was a Daewoo. 

This was a remarkable sighting for me as I don’t see these cars ever, not even in the junkyards, and I go to a lot of junk yards. No, these cars were so wretched that it seems most have already passed through the automotive life cycle digestive tract. I’ve always wanted to come across one in one of the U-Pull-It yards because as I seem to recall, they had a pair of seats that were pretty close to Recaro analogs and I wouldn’t mind snagging those for the back yard.

That Pontiac is an example of what we’re looking for today, which is your tales of rare sightings, cars and trucks that shocked you when you saw them on the road. Have you encountered that one magical Sterling 825 that seems to have dodged the British-built bullet? Or maybe you once glimpsed another of Pontiac’s rare birds, the Phoenix, which traded the iconic arrowhead grille for Barbra Streisand’s honker, remember them? Thinking back in recent memory, what car or truck have you been surprised to find still on the road?

Image source: curbsideclassic

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