Hooniverse Asks- What Car or Truck Has Stayed Closest to its Roots?

There are some models of car that – like herpes – never seem to go away. Oh sure, they may get updated from time to time, adding more modernities and keeping up with the Joneses, but they tend to stick to the recipe that originally cooked them up. Porsche’s 911 for instance, or the example above, Ford’s venerable pony car the Mustang. Each of those has attempted to continue capturing the same lightning in a bottle that their originators enjoyed, some versions to greater success than others.

Many cars are reflections of their eras. Consider if you will another of FoMoCo’s products – the Taurus. When that car first debuted Ford was a low point in its existence and the radical design and unique for the times feature set not only set the car apart but reinvigorated the company making it more relevant, and, dare I say it, cool. The follow up Taurus attempted to also be cutting edge by featuring – of all things – ovals in every aspect of its design. It was more revolting than revolutionary, and following that edition, the company gave the brand a little rest. When it came back it wasn’t radical in the least, it was a less-roomy version of the innocuous Five Hundred. Yawn.

It’s a common theme in movies when a rebel comes to terms with his nonconformist attitude and is thus berated by his less self aware friends who complain, you’ve changed, man, you used to be cool! Cars and or trucks can be like that too, although some do remain faithful to their original intents. Of all the long-serving models out there, which have remained true to their roots?

Images: [classicponycars, allfordmustangs]

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