Hooniverse Asks- What Car or Truck Has Gone From Fabulous to Freakshow in the Span of a Single Model?

Have you seen Lindsay Lohan lately? Damn, talk about rode hard and put away wet. It’s a total shame too because she used to be quite the looker, all ginger of hair and freckled of face. Kind of the reverse of the old maxim: better living through chemistry, huh?

Some cars too suffer from a degradation within a single model run. Tale for example the Alfa Spider above. It went from being boat-tailed Duetto in the Graduate to plastic-adorned don’t-do-it  in its golden years. Seriously, Alfa did not go quietly into that good night, choosing instead to reward America’s lack of enthusiasm for their products with strategically planted turds upon their retreat like these and the equally aesthetically challenged Milan. 

C3 Corvettes also have undergone the single model perp walk from shameless to shameful, although it being the ’70s, no one really noticed at the time. Do either of those examples top your list of how the mighty have fallen? Or, perhaps you have another suggestion that is even more egregious a single-model fall from grace. What do you think was the one model that totally dropped the ball over the course of its run?

Images: [AlfaBB, Dayerses]

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