Hooniverse Asks- What Car Needs a Wagon Edition?

Wagons, we love ’em. In fact we can’t get enough of them, so much so that even though yesterday was Wagon Wednesday, I’m keeping the dream alive by having a wagon-oriented Hooniverse Asks today. USA! USA! USA! Oops, I mean Wagons! Wagons!Wagons!

The thing of it is though, not every car that should come in wagon form does. It’s sort of like booze, you know there should be things like boozecicles and boozipops, but for some reason those don’t exist. It’s probably a conspiracy. Over the years aftermarket craftsmen, rich in talent and appreciation for the long-roof aesthetic, have attempted to rectify the situation, building one-offs like the Ferrari above and making the world tight once more. But those have been few and far between, plus they’re also as expensive as hell.

What we need is for the manufacturers to do a better job of reading the market and giving consumers what they want – which is wagons of course. After all, isn’t that, like, their job? Our job is to help them with their job, and to do that we need to let the car makers know just what wagon-less lineups are calling out for a long-roof brother. Should the Boxster get a shooting brake version? How about Ford’s Taurus, that marque used to have one of the funkiest wagons on the planet, but today its model line is a lot less FLEXible. What are your picks, what car is in desperate need of a wagon version?

Image: [Classicandperformancecar]

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