Hooniverse Asks- What Car Looks Best in Brown?

What is it about brown cars? For some reason, and despite the color never cracking the top three in general popularity, it seems that we all have an affinity for poo-colored cars. Cars have been painted brown since long before Pantone established the color’s various pms permutations, but it seems to have really come into its own in the ’70s. That was an era when Earthtones gained prominence, perhaps in reaction to the retina-searing psychedelia of the late sixties. 

Maybe it’s because brown is a primal color – something that reminds us of the Earth from which all life springs – that makes it so attractive. But whatever the reason, the lure of the brown car is certainly hard to ignore, and while you’d likely not choose mocha turd as a color should you be planning to re-spray your own ride, there’s no denying the magnetism of cars already so coated.

But which of those pre-browned cars carries the color with the greatest gravitas? Are there some cars that brown just better suits than others? If so, which ones? And of those, which do you think is the car that could be crowned the king of brown? 

Image: [marksdanes]

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