Hooniverse Asks- What Car is Your Guilty Pleasure?

Is there a car, or maybe it’s a truck, that you secretly lust for, despite your own better judgement, and those of others? You know, you’re a car-guy (even if you’re a girl- let’s not get our panties in a bunch over semantics here) and you know that you should love all-things Ferrari, and should hate all things Chrysler Sebring – grrrrr. And you do, you’re cool with all that- you nearly dry-hump every Aston Martin you come across, and you’re seriously thinking about getting that Green Grass and Blue Skies Forever tattoo with the azure Saturn convertible on it. But deep down inside, you start to breath heavy, and your pulse begins to race, every time a Subaru Justy rolls by. And if it has the 4WD tape treatment on the side, you nearly drown in your own drool.

Adding "ius" to the end of any name makes it magical!
That means that, even if you’re wired to appreciate what is generally accepted to be the coolest of the cool, deep down inside there’s a little bit of your auto-appreciation psyche that whispers – I like Hyundai Ponys. Does the SsangYong make you smile? The Yugo yank at your heartstrings? Maybe you love the Levis upholstery in the old AMCs because they go so well with your Canadian Tuxedo? Whatever it is, you know that not everybody shares your proclivity, but if loving an Azetk is wrong, well, then you don’t want to be right. So what’s your guilty pleasure- what would you put in your driveway, despite the looks of concern from the neighbors, and the potential of your dog leaving you out of shame? Image sources: [Flickr, Wikimedia]

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