Hooniverse Asks- What Car is Most Likely to be Found DWD – Driving While Dented?

I must start out here by noting that it’s my particular proclivity for boxy Volvos that first led me to the realization that the slab-sided Swedes on the road today seem to have an inordinate number of dents in them, disproportionate to their percentage of the total auto population. That got me to thinking, are there cars that attract dents? I mean, other than those driven by Lindsay Lohan.

Maybe  it’s the vast, flat field that represents the older Volvos’ flanks that provides a particularly conspicuous canvas for door dings and scrapes. Or maybe, Volvo drivers are, on average, less aware of their surroundings – or even less concerned with their cars’ appearance – than other drivers. Perhaps I am unfairly singling them out due to my previously admitted fetish for all things boxy and Swedish. It could vary well be that I notice them more because I am drawn to them, and as such am more critical when I notice one with a body malformation.

If that’s the case then I need the opinion of an unbiased judge to determine if Volvos, or some other car is the most likely to have owners who drive them when war wounded. Considering that no unbiased adjudicator exists here, you all will have to do. What do you think, is there one make or model that, more than any other, is likely to be seen driven while dented?

Image: [pkingdesign

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