Hooniverse Asks- What Car Has The Most Undeserved Reputation?

Remember that girl in high school, the  one that was supposed to be willing to do anything, even on a first date? Remember also how when you finally managed to grow a pair and take her out, it turned out that she didn’t do any of the things that she was reportedly notorious for? Not only that, but you later found out that everything that had been said about her had been lies spread by dudes who had never even dated her, and girls who were jealous of her  boobs.

Well, there’s a bunch of cars just like that girl. BMWs are tainted by douchebag owners, VW New Beetles are the epitome of being a chick car, and Miatas bring teh Gayz (not that there’s anything wrong with that). But not every Bemmer pilot is a tool. I’ve seen septuagenarian males behind the wheel of Beetles – sure, they were doing 20-mph with the blinker going, but they didn’t look out of place. And Miatas, well, who can say who’s gay and who’s straight these days? Once there was a time when driving a Buick meant you were automatically fitted for white shoes and a matching belt, but maybe that’s not universal now that the brand has become a favorite of the Chinese. Genetic scientists have discovered the Mullet gene and have identified its connection to the Chevy Camaro, but our species is constantly evolving. Socially, we want to sort and allocate attributes. It’s what separates us from the lower forms of life, like dogs which would just as soon hump your leg as a lady canine. And it’s not just negative attributes that have gained notoriety and ascription, positive reputations can be equally fallacious as well. So, what, in your mind, is the most egregious, the most blatantly wrong stereotype about a particular car?  What car has gained a reputation that it just doesn’t deserve? Image sources: [metalarea.com, IRLDefender.com]

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