Hooniverse Asks- What Car Has The Angriest Face?

In Toy Story, one of the things that Mrs. Potato Head needed to keep reminding Mr. Potato Head of was to always remember to pack his angry eyes when he went out a-brawlin’. For many a car, that’s not a problem because they’ve been designed to bring the heat from the get go. There’s no doubting that the now century old standard of headlights equating eyes and grille a mouth defines a face, and as we tend to anthropomorphize our cars, we equate moods to those faces.

People too can be judged by the perceived mood their face projects. A smile can go a long way no matter what your objective, while an angry countenance will ensure that others simply get out of your way. Perhaps that’s the designer’s intent in penning cars whose expression implies being P.O.’d? After all, seeing that in your rearview might make you not think twice before letting Mr. Serious pass.

Whatever the reason, some cars appear less angry than others – Mazdas typically being the least so of all, like they live in some blessed-out alternate reality that makes me want to punch them in the grille it makes me so annoyed. Other cars must agree because many of them, like the Alfa above, looked ticked too. That Brera is one furious looking car, but is it the most furious? I want you to fire up your Internet search engine of choice and find me a picture of what you think is the angriest looking car of all. Come on people, get pissed!

Image: [Alfa Romeo UK

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