Hooniverse Asks- What Car Could You Switch Manufacturer Badges On And No One Would Notice?


Creating a brand identity is tough for a lot of car companies. Oh sure, BMW has their twin kidneys and Hofmeister Kinks, but other marques have been far less successful in culturing a unique and – eventually – evocative style. In fact, I think that there are a lot of cars today that would be rendered unrecognizable when it comes to their origin if you did something as simple as pry off their brand badges.

Now, that’s been the case for years with a number of categories, the Accord, Camry, Galant, etc long ago coalescing into the general identity of Ubiquitous Japanese Car and have become pretty much interchangeable. Here’s the thing though, some cars transcend that generic look and feel passing on to achieving an appearance that perhaps would fit in another brand’s line up even better than its own. All it would take is a quick switcheroo with the badges.

What I’m wondering today is which are those cars and trucks – switched at birth perhaps – that could easily pass for another marque’s child? What do you think, what car could you switch badges on and no one would ever notice?

Image source: Blog Ur Way

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