Hooniverse Asks- What Car Are You Supposed to Like, But You Really Hate?

Burn, you over-rated sumbitch!
Yesterday we asked what you secretly craved (automotively speaking- we already know about your passion for Sweatin’ to the Oldies Parts I, II and IV) and you came through in spades, spilling your guts and scaring the crap out of us with your individualistic proclivities. Today we want to go the other way (and we learned yesterday that wouldn’t be a problem for some of you) and find out what car you really hate. Now, we don’t give a shit about the cars we all hate- Yugos, Camrys, etc. . . We already know that. What we want to know is the odd-ball stuff. What car is generally accepted to be hoon-worthy that makes your eyeballs itch in loathing? Do you hate the mere mention of Hayabusa? Do Hemis give you hemorrhoids? Do you say eff-you to a McLaren F1? There may even be entire brands that we’re all supposed to cheer but which you’re flat-lined over. Saab’s born of jets, but maybe you’d rather take the train. Ferrari fail, maybe? So, what is it, which car, or car company, fails to light your fire, even though EVERYBODY ELSE genuflects in reverence when one rolls by? Image sources: [TopSpeed.com, eurotuner.com]

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