Hooniverse Asks: What Brand Couldn't Pull Off a Supercar?

DSCN5912 I’d like you to look at that Ford GT up there. I’d like you to then think about its provenance, the Le Mans wins, 21st Century resurrection and the above batmobile hyper-rabid current edition, of which no more than 500 will be produced. I’d like to remind you that the same company that built all of that also built the Escort Diesel. And the 1980 Thunderbird. Ford has the bonafides. Hell, they rock a big ol’ pair of cojones when it comes to performance—and I’m not being sexist, those are metaphorical cojones, not real ones! Chevy could also pull off a supercar, and have come close with the ZR1. Chrysler has done so with the Viper, but nobody seems to care any more, while both Acura and Lexus have done hyper halo cars to varying degrees of success. That shows that success isn’t guaranteed. I think there are brands out there with images that just can’t support a super car, and I’ll bet you’ll agree. What we want to discuss today is: what are those brands, and why? Image: ©2016 Hooniverse/Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved

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