The 1975 Ford Flashback concept car by Ghia is so stunningly grotesque that I can’t stop staring at it. There’s something amazing about the fact that not only did someone get paid to pen this banana-mint-bubblegum-taco-burger of a design, but a bunch of people at Ghia said, “Yes! Let’s make THAT in metal!  And then a bunch of people at Ford said, “Yes! Let’s show it to the whole world!” The Flashback is that middle-aged mom at the community pool in the grossly inappropriate swimsuit, who—somehow, inexplicably—interprets people’s stares as an indication she’s lookin’ goood.

So, with this vehicular fever delusion setting the context, which car design do you objectively think is awful, yet find yourself devoting unhealthy attention to? What car repeatedly worms its way into your thoughts against your will, like a bruise that you can’t help pressing on even though it hurts, or a scab you can’t prevent yourself from picking at?