Hooniverse Asks- What Automotive Accessory Do You Wish Was Still Around?

Brodie knobs  (or necker’s knobs to you lotharios), those little sandbag ashtrays, nodding-head chihuahua dogs for the parcel shelf – like the conestoga wagon, these, and many more automotive accruements seem no longer in fashion, or obsolete. But that doesn’t mean we can’t pine for them. When I was a kid, we used to have this plastic tray that fit in the middle of the bench on our Cadillac, and provided an enclosed storage box as well as a couple of cup holders. This was, of course, back in the days before cup-holder technology had reached its zenith, and the Caddy, while bedecked with fins and enough chrome to float the plating industry for a decade, lacked a single secure receptacle for a cup of joe or can of refreshing Fresca. The molded plastic piece – purchased at Pep Boys – rectified that oversight, and was part of a healthy after-market parts economy. But these days cars come with more bells and whistles, and provide fewer opportunities for the impulse purchase accessories which were the staple of many an automotive aisle at your local mom & pop hardware store. We also used to have a little green anodized ashtray with a natty plaid sandbag base which could be set on the seat or flat expanse of the dash, providing a convenient receptacle for your Lucky Strike or Camel detritus. These days nobody even smokes. Your experience may not harken back as far as mine, but there’s still a lot of stuff that you can’t find any more that was available just a few years back- remember those two-blade windshield wipers? Those things were crazy! And what about peeing calvin stickers? You know those were part of our national discourse for a while there, and now they only seem to be on the cars of angry loners and crazy folks. So, what automotive accessory sends you into an apoplexy of fond memories? And if there are none, which current accessory do you love or love to hate? I’m looking at you stick-on portholes. Image sources: [wikimedia, smokingonline]

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