Hooniverse Asks- What are Your Plans for $5-Gallon Gas?

I have this theory. I think that every time there’s an event that can be even remotely connected to oil production, the producing companies raise the price to hair on fire levels, and then slowly drop it back to somewhere lower, but still more than it was before. This makes people feel like they’re getting some relief even when they’re still getting screwed. Lately, the reason for the run on crude has been Iran’s desire to go fission, which may or may not end up in Israel becoming a glowing hole on the edge of the Mediterranean. At least that’s what they’re saying as to why gas prices have jumped by a good half buck the past two weeks.

Whatever the reason, it’s looking like, here in the U.S., gas prices are headed to go over a Lincoln a gallon by Memorial Day. Those of you living in Europe, where gas is already nearly double that, can take solace in the fact that there it’s sold in litres which make it at least seem cheaper, and you get lots of little cars with diesel engines that get like 100 miles to the gallon. Here in America, those kind of cars are derided as socialist, and we’re expected to drive thirsty behemoths or GTFO. At any rate, try and see it from our perspective.

So, for those of us living here in the land of the free, home of the foreclosed, what does the prospect of $5 regular mean to you? What are you planning to do as gas goes through the roof? Buy a Schwinn? Maybe check out public transportation to see if it smells any better than last time? Walk? Okay, sit down, I can see that last one made you tired just thinking about it. Still, will $5 gas change your habits, or just your bank account?

Image: [Situk River Fly Shop]

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