Hooniverse Asks: What Amazing Auto Age Story Needs a Movie Treatment?

Liz Charmichael With more than 125 years worth of history behind it, there’s no shock that the automotive industry has more than its share of compelling, audacious and outrageous stories, many of which would make great films. As a matter of fact, it’s shocking how few films have been made  about the industry and its adherents. Sure, we’ve had Tucker, and that movie about the guy who had his intermittent wiper invention stolen, both of which were great. But there’s still so much more! What about Liz Carmichael and the scam of the century, the Dale? Who wouldn’t be interested in a story about a grifter who disguised himself as a woman—and a pretty manly woman at that—and proceeded to fool a country? That’s just one great story ripped from the headlines, as the say. And there’s plenty more where that came from. There’s the Edsel and the Mustang, the story of the Model T… Hell, Ford alone could pack theaters! What do you think, are there some untold stories from the auto age that YOU would like to see on the silver screen? Image: American Digest

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