Hooniverse Asks: What 2017 Car or Truck Debut Are You Most Looking Forward To?

Here we are in a bright, shiny new year, and that of course means bright shiny new cars are just on the horizon. At one time automakers saved up all their new iron for debuts in the fall, but that tradition long ago fell by the wayside. Now, January’s Detroit Auto Show, here in the U.S. at least, has been deemed the place to make introductions for models that will trickle out over the next 12 months.
This year there’s a lot to look forward to. BMW has a new Five-series in the queue, and Honda will be taking us on a new Odyssey as well. Ford will show us an aluminum Expedition and a new Fiesta, while Toyota will likely finally update the decade-old Lexus LS, a car almost as ancient as its buyers. The Japanese company also has a new Camry on the docket which they promise—this time for sure—won’t actually put you to sleep every time you look at it. Other 2017 possibilities include a new three-seater from McLaren, a Hybrid crossover from Lamborghini, and maybe a new sports car jointly developed by that odd couple, BMW and Toyota, that will, respectively, replace the Z4 and reintroduce the Supra. Volkswagen has a new Golf Tiguan, while Volvo has some new smaller cars built on their new scalable platform.
Phew, I’m tired already, and there’s even more than that dropping throughout the year. Is there some 2017 introduction that more than any other gets your juices flowing in anticipation?
Image: CarandDriver

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24 responses to “Hooniverse Asks: What 2017 Car or Truck Debut Are You Most Looking Forward To?”

  1. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar

    My first (only?) thought was the Jeep Wrangler pickup…but that’s not coming until 2018 at the earliest.

    1. outback_ute Avatar

      Same goes for the mythical new Bronco presumably

  2. nanoop Avatar

    In 2017 I’ll probably be looking at the cars that were around in 2003. Ooh, the last year of the VW T4, a ripe and robust car. Same holds for the Fiat Panda, I guess.

  3. Kirk Narmore Avatar
    Kirk Narmore

    Not that I can afford it, but I am really pulling for the Chevy Bolt with 238 miles of electric range in a car that lists for under $40,000 and even less if one has the income needed to get the $7500 tax break.

    1. MattC Avatar

      I couldn’t agree more. As a practical commuting alternative, I feel the new Bolt might have the chops to get more people into electric cars.

    2. James Dugan Avatar
      James Dugan

      Hopefully the Bolt will FRY in GM’s portfolio and take every Electric toy with it

      1. wunno sev Avatar
        wunno sev

        why are you so mad at electric cars?

  4. Lokki Avatar

    I really hope that there will be a new Alfa Romeo Spider in 2017*. However, judging by the speed at which the 4C and the Giulia made it to production Tanshanomi’s Jeep pickup will be rusting out behind the barn before FCA releases one into the wild….
    * BUT: it has to be a real Alfa Romeo – none of yer re-labeled Miata/Fiats- please

  5. mdharrell Avatar

    I’m interested in seeing how the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act and FAST Act play out in 2017. The last I heard, for example, Morgan is still planning to produce US versions of some of its four-wheelers.

    1. Lokki Avatar

      I actually got to talk to the Morgan representative last summer at the Blenheim Palace Festival Of Transportation and got a test drive of the Morgan Aero 8, which is my current dream car. He confirmed that Morgan intends to use the Low Volume Vehicle act to bring Morgans into the US. That’s him in the passenger seat.

    2. Lokki Avatar

      They also have the perfect car for you MD Harrell – it’s an electric Morgan 3 wheeler! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/73c89e01d173a8ca86ec2ba2dd897059c80dea09444c0596c272ceb9e80fbd10.jpg

      1. mdharrell Avatar

        Perhaps, but I see myself as more of either a Runabout Deluxe or +4+ kind of guy.

  6. Tomsk Avatar

    The Ford F-150 V6 diesel. Between that motor, the aluminum bodies and (Maybe?) the GM-Ford 10-speed auto, I could see it get within shouting distance of 25 mpg combined on the EPA cycle.

    1. Sjalabais Avatar

      GM and Ford share a transmission? Feels like I slept through class, but that’s a strange cooperation. Same supplier or common development?

      1. Guest Avatar

        Common development.


        Last I heard, it was going to see use in the new Camaro, and the new Raptor, so it’s sounds pretty versatile as well, but 10-speeds sounds a little excessive to me, especially when you consider all the trouble Chrysler has been having with their 9-speed.

      2. outback_ute Avatar

        They’ve done it before too, might have been the 6-sp fwd auto?

    2. Van_Sarockin Avatar

      No clutch, no sale.

      1. Luxury Lexus Land-yacht Avatar
        Luxury Lexus Land-yacht

        Diesel means automagic > manual.
        No falling off the boost curve with an auto.

    3. outback_ute Avatar

      Does Ford have a V6 diesel?

  7. CraigSu Avatar

    I’m most interested in the Volvo S90/V90 and the now-separate-from-Hyundai Genesis G90. I won’t be able to afford any of them but I’m definitely interested.

  8. crank_case Avatar

    I’m quite interested to see if the new Suzuki Ignis is any good as something to replace the Mazda 2 eventually as it offers the combo of high hip point (my wife has serious joint problems), 4 doors, compact size, optional 4wd and autobox (most driving is urban and my wife would like an autobox). I kinda think it could potentially outpanda the Fiat Panda 4×4 in terms of matching the spirit of the original.

    1. Fuhrman16 Avatar

      That’s pretty neat looking. I like how the three gills on the C pillar pay homage to the SC100.

  9. Luxury Lexus Land-yacht Avatar
    Luxury Lexus Land-yacht

    Jeep Grand Cherokee Hellkitty.
    I have the first gen one, a 1998 ZJ 5.9L, which is as good off-road as the plebeian version, yet, for what it is, and its age, scoots remarkably well.
    I’d keep said ’98 for ‘toad’ and off-road duty, though.

  10. SlowJoeCrow Avatar

    I want to see the Landrover Defender replacement, even though it is unlikely that I can afford one