Hooniverse Asks- Stalk vs. Hub, Where Should the Horn Switch Reside?

Horny If you’re like me then you appreciate the minutia of life. You probably get excited over the fact that R2D2 is carved into one of the ancient Egyptian pillars in Raiders of the Lost Arc. You also fully jones over all the Jeep icons that can be found on that brand’s new Renegade, like  so many hidden – and not so hidden- tattoos. And you also very likely have a strong opinion over where exactly is the best place for a car’s horn switch – the steering wheel hub, or on the end of the turn signal stalk. Either position has its pros and cons. The steering wheel hub is a likely place for you to slam your hand in the event of an imminent impact, you might as well be making some noise while you’re at it. The stalk on the other hand allows for the more precise application of the ‘friendly toot’ which is used to alert absent minded drivers that the light turned green a nano-second ago, or to announce your arrival at the home of a date whose father ‘knows who you are.’ Considering your proclivity for perfection, which of these placements is, in your mind, the best, and why do you think so? Image: fluidmotorunion

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