Hooniverse Asks- Slot Cars or R/C Cars, which would you rather get this year?


This holiday season has been tight for many families, and even in a good year it’s unlikely that you’d find a real dream car under ye old tannenbaum, or in celebration of the lighting of the Shamash. But slot and R/C cars can help fill that void – and fit more comfortably under said tree – providing you with hours of racing fun while never even needing to change out of your footie pajamas.

There seem to be two types of model car racers- those who like the wheel-to-wheel competition, and tail-dragging cornering that a well-sorted slot car track affords, and those who like the unfettered and boundless freedom that the R/C racers provide.

The R/C’-ers don’t want to be tied down to a slot- they want to be able to gain air on curb jumps, scare neighborhood dogs and squirrels, and be the masters of their remote control vehicles destiny.

Slot car drivers, on the other hand, feed off of the adrenaline that comes with trying to keep that car in the slot while getting to the finish line ahead of their opponents, no mean feat considering the limits of adhesion and massive amounts of scale torque the little cars generate, making corners treacherous and flipping into the weeds, or under the sofa a real threat.

So, which are you, a slot car maven, or an R/C freak? And which would you rather find when tearing through that holiday paper?

Image sources: [iwishihadthis, rctech, rummagingaround]

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  1. lilwillie Avatar

    From a kids point of view my two sons have enjoyed the RC cars more than slot cars. One, slot cars aren’t going to jump Dad’s garage. Nitro RC cars are PAH! and did I mention you can jump stuff with RC cars?

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  3. HCG Side Effects Avatar

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  4. Dave Anderson Avatar
    Dave Anderson

    At the age of 54, I am still a slot car mad enthusiast. I grew up with an airfix set which I expanded. One of my friends also had an airfix set that we put together. I was amazed at the cars that he built . I am lucky to have a loft which is filled with slot car items , that I purchased from ebay and car boot sales . I have now decided to use my hobby as a business . Due to unemployment I have time on my side to set this up with help from some people I know so keeping costs down. my website is http://www.avidslotcar.co.uk . I love
    repairing just about all items .I have built up a stock of spares and have a useful tool kit . I am trying to set up a slot car club in my area.
    great fun. thank you. 🙂