Hooniverse Asks-  Open Forum, What Car-Related Questions do YOU Want to Ask?


It seems like a good time for our occasional flipped-flopped Hooniverse Asks, meaning one in which I’m not asking you a question, but where instead I’m asking you for questions. That’s right, today I’m making you do all the work.  

Here’s is how this is supposed to go: you can ask any automotive question that’s been rattling around in your brain, and we’ll see if your fellow Hoons can come up with an answer. Of course, we don’t guarantee that it’ll be the right answer. Also, your mileage may vary.

There is a depth of automotive knowledge present in here, just waiting to be unleashed. If you’ve got a question – is blinker fluid a renewable resource? – you can be assured that one of your fellow Hoons will have the answer.  So since it’s Friday, and you’ve probably already checked out for the weekend even though you may not even be yet at work, let’s see if we can get another impromptu Q&A going and see where it goes.

Image source: AllThingsD

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