Hooniverse Asks- On The Road, Do You Consider Yourself to be an 'Aggressive' Driver?

Locke Tom Hardy Some people are, for the most part, all peaches and cream. They’re polite, respectful of others, and generally well mannered. However, you put them behind the wheel of a car and all of a sudden they go Judge Dredd on everyone else. Do you fall into that category? I know I don’t, I’m generally a pain in the butt to be around all of the time. I do have to ply the highways of Southern California, however, and because its a necessity here, I do consider myself to be an aggressive driver. Now, when I say aggressive I don’t mean it as in you’re some kind of gaping A-hole, I just mean that you  simply respect those whose driving skill is acceptable, and suffer not those fools who don’t seem to have yet caught on what it means to drive these days. Being aggressive on the road means putting on your signal, AND THEN MOVING OVER A LANE. Look, signal on, space available checked, if someone suddenly wants to speed up and close that space so as to make me have find another, well that’s not cool. My general methodology when driving is that everyone else on the road is an incompetent fool, and frequently I am proved right by at least one driver on even the shortest of trips. I don’t like it when people do dumb things on the road – like try and merge into a long line of traffic that’s inching along the transition road, rather than having entered that line back when they easily could have. Not going to happen, line-cutter! How about you, do you have certain rules for the road for yourself and others that might generally be classified as ‘aggressive’? If so, do you take pride in that? Image: Cinemablographer

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