Hooniverse Asks- Now That Hummer is Dead, is it a Good Time to Buy a Hummer?

General Motors pulled the plug on Hummer yesterday, after failing to come to terms with Chinese investors who finally realized that the “hummers” they were buying didn’t involve women in fishnets and hotpants. Now that they aren’t buying Hummer, do you think you should buy one?

Originally built by AM General, and intended as a military conveyance, the initial H1 offered to the public was a no-compromise, diesel-powered off-roader of remarkable capabilities. Upon GM’s purchase of the brand, the model line was expanded to include the H2 and H3 models, each based on an existing platform from the General’s lineup. Those trucks, while not as balls-to-the-walls capable as the H1, still manage to acquit themselves well enough for those who do choose to take them off-road. On-road, their pitiful mileage has marked the brand as the poster child of wretched excess, dooming the brand as a choice of socially conscious consumers.

Instant Classic!

But that conspicuous consumption doesn’t really come into play if the truck is n’t used for daily driver duty. No body seriously duns a classic GT350 or 365 Daytona for being overly consumptive as it is generally understood that they  only come out on special occasions and hence aren’t major contributors to our global demise.

And maybe, if Hummers were treated in the same fashion, the haters would give them a break? After all, if you’re buying a Hummer as an investment, you’re not going to be putting too many miles on it, are you?

Now that they aren’t making them any more, is there any investment potential in the various H1s, H2s and H3s? I myself kind of like the H2 SUT for its mini-Lambo LM002 looks. How about you, would you consider socking away a Hummer for a rainy day?

Image sources: [CNN.com, Trucktrend.com]

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  1. thomasmac Avatar

    How different is the H2 from a Tahoe underneath or a H3 from a Colorado? H1s are pretty cool and look excellent when dressed up in military garb I just cant imagine driving one on the street

    1. soo΄pәr-bādd75 Avatar

      The H2's chassis is actually cobbled together with the 3/4 ton Suburban's front suspension/steering, the enter frame is 3/4 ton Silverado, and the rear section is from the Tahoe, but optimized for off-road use.
      The H3 is quite a bit different from the Colorado. It shares a few components, like the steering crossmember, some of the suspension mounts, and a few other items. The biggest difference is that the H3 frame is fully boxed with welded (instead of bolted) crossmembers, from front to rear.
      Obviously both have unique bodies and more or less parts bin interiors.

  2. Feds_II Avatar

    What's the rate of return been on a Pacer or Gremiln? How about an Edsel? Every generation has a car that has gone one step too far in pursuit of the fashion of the day. These cars do not make good investments, unless you get in right before the hipsters do.

    1. Maymar Avatar

      I believe there have been quite a few guys questioning why they bought a '76 Cadillac Eldorado convertible.

      1. Feds_II Avatar

        You just made me google… $12000 then, $12000 now.
        So, a much much worse investment than an interest bearing savings account.

  3. joshuman Avatar

    If anything, this makes the prospect slightly more appealing but the answer is still no.

  4. Tim Odell Avatar
    Tim Odell

    Gonna be a few years (like 10) before they get cheap enough and lose the cultural stigma.
    Chassis-wise, the H3 and H2 are pretty good.
    Unfortunately, the H2 looks like a pregnant sow. Re: the H3, I stopped wearing my hat brims ridiculously low sometime around 1998.
    If I could drop a K5 body onto an H2 chassis (6.2L + 6-speed) and swap in a solid front axle…well…now we're talking.

    1. ptmeyer84 Avatar

      SFA FTW WTFBBQ!!!!11!!1
      Seriously, that is the main reason why I bought my 02 Grand Cherokee.

    2. P161911 Avatar

      I'm pretty sure you would actually increase interior volume if you put the K5 body on there. Or at least increase usable space. I was working for an aftermarket parts company when the H2 first came out and got to crawl around them a good bit. For a vehicle so big on the outside there was hardly any space on the inside, especially if you got one with the joke of a third row seat (only one extra passenger) and the spare tire still on the inside. It only had cargo space for about two grocery bags, I could probably fit more luggage in my C3 (non-fastback) Corvette.
      The H2 will be a good off-road vehicle once they get below $5000. Basically a Tahoe with a big engine and really beefed up off road capability. I had a K-5 blazer and a full size Bronco. I could see an H2 as a replacement.
      I'm still convince that as of now, more Hummer H2s have been made into limos than have been taken off road.

  5. soo΄pәr-bādd75 Avatar

    I wouldn't touch any Hummer other than the H1. Not until we get a chance to see where prices are going to level off. They will definitely drop, but how far is anyone's guess at this point. Who knows, in a year you might be able to get an H2 cheaper than an H3.

  6. Tyler D. Avatar

    The H1 is an epic vehicle. The sheer amount of engineering in those is astounding. The H2 is a douche-mobile and the H3 is just fracking dumb.

  7. name_too_long Avatar

    Normal civilian 4dr ragtop and wagon H1s will hold their value but not increase. Civilian H1 Slantbacks are already rare as hell and hold their value even better. Civilian H1 2dr trucks have already started coming back up. All of these are going to need to be able to prove provenance when the military retires the HMMWV and the market is flooded with de-milled models with aftermarket interiors.
    The H2 and H3 are abominations which should never have existed. They will go down in history as a warning to future generations against conspicuous consumption and wanton excess. They fall short when compared to other vehicles both on-road and off, they are functionally deficient and their sole raison d'etre was a thinly veiled attempt to cash in on the stupidity of the masses.

    1. KAdams1476 Avatar

      I know that somewhere I've read that the US Government does not sell surplus vehicles to the public due to a lawsuit some years ago. And from what I've seen on the interwebs, if you do happen to find yourself with a former mil-spec HMMWV, expect to spend a big pile of money to have it road/trail-worthy again. These things don't get put out to pasture until they're a shell of their former self.

  8. Commander Heinz Avatar
    Commander Heinz

    I don't think there's ANY good time to buy a Hummer made during the time of GM's destruction of the brand. An H1 would be fine if you just used it for off-roading, but using a Hummer on the road is just stupid. The only way I would buy a Hummer H2 or H3 would be to videotape myself destroying it, then putting it on youtube.

  9. Mike_the_Dog Avatar

    Actually, I wouldn't mind having a Hummer (preferably an H1, but the H2 and H3 are very capable too, as others have noted) as a toy, but certainly not as a daily driver.

  10. CptSevere Avatar

    I used to drive and work on military HMMWV's when I was in the National Guard. They suck to drive on the pavement, reminded me of a front end loader with no bucket. Off-road, they're incredibly capable but wider than most dirt roads or primitive trails. That's fine in open desert, but limits you in the woods or mountains. Still, I wouldn't mind having one if they weren't so overpriced. As far as military vehicles are concerned, I'd rather have a Dodge M37 weapons carrier.
    H2's and H3's are abominations. My boss fucked up and bought one, and is embarrassed to be seen driving it. It sits in his garage, lift kit, big tires, and all. I wouldn't get caught dead in it, either. Junk.

  11. Maymar Avatar

    I'd pick up an H3 once they dropped below $5000, but there are enough other vehicles that'll be worth less sooner that would do just as good of a job, so I really probably wouldn't pick up an H3.
    Although, on that note, I have a friend who's parents just got an (apparently) amazing deal on a new Camry, so I suppose if you're in the market for a Toyota, now's the time to buy.

  12. Warptwisted Avatar

    I would buy an H1 before the H2s get rare, when the H2 will be hard to see on the raod, the H1 will get a lot more respected and will be worth it.

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