Hooniverse Asks: Non-Round Steering Wheels, Brah! or Blah?

squaresteeringwheel2 The French oftentimes say vive la différence, expressing a je ne sais quoi attitude that indicates that they are up for anything. That’s why you see a lot of weird French cars out there, ones with mushroom button brake pedals, single spoke steering wheels and headlights that creepily turn with the wheels like some statue in the Hunted Mansion. I appreciate that sort of boundary-pushing when it comes to design, but there are certain places where I draw the line, and one of those is in my car’s major controls. When it comes to making a car go, stop, or turn, I like my inputs to be made through the old fashioned means. That doesn’t mean however that those can’t have a little uniqueness and one place where that wild child attitude has shown up over the years is in the non-round steering wheel. Now, many OCD types might rail at the mere thought or a steering wheel that isn’t a perfect circle, but I kind of like them. What about you, do you share my attraction to non-round wheels, or do they just freak you the hell out? Do you think they are brah! or blah? Image: AutoGeekOnline

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