Hooniverse Asks- Is There a Car or Truck That Doesn’t Look Good in Black?

Dark Night There’s always some trend that declares X to be the new black. It doesn’t matter what the category or concept, black is always the baseline. When it comes to cars and trucks, that’s much the same situation. Few cars would be caught dead on the marketplace without at least one shade of black in their clothes closet, as that seems to be one of the few universally appealing colors. You’ve surly heard the old saw about Henry Ford offering the Model T in any color you could want, just as long as it was black. Truth be told, Henry probably never said that, and in fact  Model Ts built before 1913 came in a bunch of different colors. It wasn’t until afterward, when the production line was required to maintain a frenetic pace, that black became the model’s signature hue. It all came down to cost and expediency, a single color was cheaper to plan for, and black was the chosen single color. Of course it helped that the Model T looked smashing in black, as do a lot of cars and trucks. In fact, it’s such a standard for so many cars that I got to wondering if there was one that didn’t look good clothed in ebony hues. What do you think, is black the ubiquitous shade that can do no wrong? Or is there a car or truck for which it’s just not a good fit? Image: Spoki

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