Hooniverse Asks: Is the Lamborghini Sian ugly?

Dating back ten years, the Lamborghini Aventador is one of the oldest supercars on the market. While this lifespan may seem like eons in the car world, it’s typical of a V12 Lamborghini. The four flagships that came before the Aventador — the Miura, Countach, Diablo, and Murcielago — reigned for over four decades. But the Aventador is getting a bit long in the tooth, and a replacement is due any moment.

The latest Lamborghini called the Sian, isn’t it. The Sian is a bit like the Reventon, which bridged the gap between the Murcielago and the Aventador. Both are limited-production, cost several million dollars, and preview the next-generation Lambo. And both are a bit of an acquired taste.

The Reventon did not age well. In hindsight, it looks like a Murcielago playing dress-up. The Sian, by comparison, is said to not preview the styling of the Aventador replacement. Instead, it’s more likely the Sian showcases the propulsion technology of future Lambos, as its V12 is now mated to a hybrid system.

Perhaps this is a positive. The Sian is a striking car, but not necessarily an attractive one. The black trim around the headlights occupies a comically large and strangely shaped area. To create the side air intakes, the designer filled the SV logo with the Microsoft Paint bucket tool. The back is home to similarly gigantic taillight housings and a pair of visibly fake exhaust tips. On a 3.6 million dollar car.

Obviously, the design is merely a matter of opinion. But it’s hard to objectively call the Sian a beautiful car. It’s distinctive and head-turning, but is it pretty? Certainly not. One might go so far as to call it the opposite: ugly.

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  1. Some say that lonesome princesses have been seen kissing the Lamborghini Sian.
    Some say the Consumer Car dares not follow too close behind the Sian.
    Some call it “Butterfascia”.

  2. It’s the automotive equivalent of The Emperor’s New Clothes. Its styling cues will be imitated by those who think that if it costs a lot then it must be good looking.

  3. The profile is nice, but… it’s overstyled up front, and the ass end is a train wreck. I wouldn’t call it pretty, but I tend to like simpler, purer designs. This one is just trying way too hard.

  4. Hold on, has Lamborghini ever tried to make a pretty car, at least in the last 40 years? I thought their design language was angular, outrageous, testosterony. But not…beautiful. If you want a beautiful super eh hyper eh expensive V12 sports car, Aston Martin got that covered.

    1. The murcielago was beautiful. Function over form. Agressive but elegant. Aventador was/is trash for show-offs

  5. I feel like I’m being put on the spot for my earlier comment about “no bad cars, only misunderstood cars.”

  6. It looks like some strong McLaren influences there, which is not necessarily a good thing.

    Agreed Lambo haven’t had a pretty car since the Uracco, the Huracan has probably come closest, but this is definitely approaching ugly, saved only by being a bit generic.

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