I’ve been spending a week with the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette. It’s the C8 Corvette, which means it’s a totally different machine from what we’ve known in the past. The nose is shorter, the rear wider, and oh that’s right, the engine is now in the back. Or the middle, if you want to get technical. The car I’m driving is a Sebring Orange 3LT Z51 spec C8 Corvette. It stickers for $86k, which is a lot of money but this is also a performance bargain compared to the vehicles against which it now competes. The car is quick. It’s a looker out on the road. And it’s far more focused than Corvettes of old. It’s also nicer inside too, as the fit and finish is top notch.

But I still can’t figure it out.

It looks sort of like an Acura NSX now. The color on this tester and the wheel choice probably exacerbate that feeling. There are angles and parts where it still looks like a Corvette, but it doesn’t feel like when from behind the wheel. But what does that even mean? When I think Corvette, I imagine the engine and hood stretching out in front of me, while cozying up to the rear axle. And Chevy says it took that formula as far as it could before making the mid-engined move.

The numbers and capability of this car are impressive. And this is “just” a step or two over the base model. That means the Z06 and other higher-performance iterations should be wild. So why haven’t I connected with this car yet? I’m not sure. It’s “a good car” to be sure but it’s not what I want from a “Corvette” driving experience.

Am I crazy here? What say you…