Hooniverse Asks- If You Could Run Any Car Company, Which One Would It Be, And What Would You Change?

Let’s say you’re walking done the beach, and you come across an old oil lamp. Picking it up, you rub the side to clear away the grime and seaweed and out puts a genie who awards you for freeing him from the lamp with one wish (it used to be three, but times are tough), and you decide that you’ve always wanted to be the big cheese at car company. Alakazam, you’re the one making the important product decisions at the car maker of your choice. Which company would be getting your considered attention, and what would you do differently there? Some of you might be thinking Porsche and the banishment of anything with more that two doors or +2 seats. Others might jones for Toyota and the return of a small rear-drive sportster with INTENDED acceleration. Or maybe your inner tree-hugger is tightening your bun-huggers for the chance to champion that Lambo hybrid you’ve secretly been planning in your head. So many car makers tease us with exotic hardware at car shows that never make it to the showroom. Maybe your first edict would be all cars sold have to be mind-meltingly advanced and Jessica Simpson hot! Or maybe you’d just say no to crazy-cool show cars. If that’s the case, maybe this isn’t the site for you. So, if your beach genie, or your diaper genie, grants you a wish, and your wish is to run a car company, which would it be, and what would you change, big shot? Image sources: [templeskatesupply, carmagazine.co.uk]

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