My 1974 Mercedes-Benz 280 is painted in a gorgeous dark blue hue. Well, most of it is gorgeous. There’s two areas where it needs some love. The driver’s side doors, specifically the lower sections, appear faded compared to the rest of the car. Still, when given a proper wash and wax, the rest of the paint on the Benz shines like a mirror. But when waxed, the towels will start to wear some of the blue. That’s because my car was painted in a single stage. There’s no clear coat to protect it. And I’m tired of having a car with such a paint job.

Friend of Hooniverse Matt Farah has a car with a similar paint job. His, however, is applied to his 1988 Lamborghini Countach. Ammo NYC’s Larry Kosilla was invited out to give that paint a cleaning, and he talks about what it takes to properly care for such paint work.

Do you have a vehicle with single-stage paint? If so, how do you wash it? What are your techniques for taking proper care of your vehicle’s exterior? Sound off below.