Hooniverse Asks- Has Your Level of Trust in GM Products Diminished?


Mary Barra has an unenviable job at the moment. The newly installed CEO of General Motors – the first woman ever to hold the seat – has had to try and explain to a Congressional subcommittee, and more importantly to the world’s car-buying public, why it has taken the company more than a decade to address the issue with their seemingly endemic faulty ignition switches. The fact that GM could get something as basic and ubiquitous as an ignition switch so wrong – for so long – is pretty bad. The fact that they seemingly ignored the issue which is now blamed as a partial factor in at least 13 deaths borders on corporate criminality.

Still, there’s that new Chevrolet Corvette ZO6 droptop that just hit the Interwebs and man does that look like it’d be more fun than barrel of whiskey-chugging party monkeys. There’s also the new SS which is top of its class, and the diminutive Spark which was the top contender in the recent IIHS tiny tot car crash tests. Those are all  in their own ways cars that are highly desirable – and that’s just some of the stuff from Chevy.

If you’re a glass half full kind of individual then you might say that’s enough and that each of those cars – and many others in GM’s portfolio – are safe and sound purchases. If on the other hand your glasses are presently half full of news stories about column switches failing and the company sweeping the issue under the rug, you might be thinking about what will go wrong with these cars a year or more down the road. That’s the question for today, has GM’s extremely poor handling of a problem that just shouldn’t have happened dimmed your opinion of them? And more importantly, has it affected your likelihood of ever buying a car with the GM badge?

Image source: Business Insider

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