Hooniverse Asks- Has There Ever Been an Automotive Advertising Campaign That Put you Off an Otherwise Desirable Car?


Advertising is what makes the world go around. I don’t just mean Larry H. Parker on drive time radio telling you he will fight for you in court, I mean everything that’s done to try and sway opinion or sell something, right down to the mighty peacock’s attempt to attract mates by unfurling his tail feathers.

When it comes to cars, advertising usually goes for the testosterone, equating products to guided missiles and demanding disclosures at their end warning you not to try this at home. Of course that’s exactly what advertising attempts to make you want to do, to try this at home. You wouldn’t try that at home though, right?

Sometimes however, advertising – also like a missile – can be misguided, and when that’s the case, it can have the opposite effect from what was intended. When that happens consumer opinion of its subject can suffer. Being consumers yourselves, has perchance that ever happened to you? Have you ever seen an ad or campaign that actually drove you away from a car or truck, rather than making it seem more desirable?  

Image source: Gallery Hip

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