Hooniverse Asks- Does Anyone Still Buy Standard Cab Pickups Anymore?


While today you can get pickup trucks in any number of extended cab, or crew cab, or fancy cab configurations, for decades, it was the standard cab that ruled the day. That of course wasn’t always the case and in fact even as far back as 1929, Dodge was producing a wicked cool if modest extended cab half-ton with a five-foot bed. That wasn’t all that extended however, and in fact was probably little different from the five-window Chevy trucks of the ’50s when it comes to whiplash room. Let’s call it a wash.

The short-cab, long bed body style seems to have fallen out of favor over the past decade or so. Today it seems like every pickup truck that doesn’t have a gas company logo on the side of it is a massive four-door affair, or has at least a good two feet of cab encroaching on the bed space. And that even goes for mini-trucks too, which makes them not so mini any more.

Standard cabs are still available for purchase – I know, I’ve looked at the three big truck makers’ Web sites to see. What I’m wondering is, why don’t more people buy standard cab trucks anymore? Is the benefit of that enclosed and lockable storage space such a draw? And if so, why do truck makers still offer the short-cab style? What do you think is the reason for so few standard cab trucks being on the road these days?

Image source: Kit Foster’s CarPort

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