Hooniverse Asks- Do You Like High Cars or Low Cars?

Citroen Height I switch between driving two very different cars on a regular basis- a sedan that was designed to emulate the high seating position of an SUV, and a low-slung sports car that allows me to literally lay down on the job. To me, each has its individual appeal, but it sure requires a reset when going from one to the other. It once was the case that, regardless of model or maker , you only got one kind of driving position- precarious. Later, car makers discovered things like aerodynamic design, underslung chassis’, and the Italian driving position. After that, it was anybody’s shooting’ match. Today we are given the extremes of ride height – from the limbo-low options of cars like the Scion BRZ and Subaru FRS, to the nosebleed seats in any of the plethora of SUVs and Crossovers that crowd our car market. Considering those antipodal options, which one do you prefer? Image: Autoevolution  Image: AutoEvolution

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