Hooniverse Asks: Do you have a favorite post from “old” Hooniverse?

I love the look and feel of our new site. What I’m not happy about is the fact that a handful of posts were lost in the shuffle. That’s because we’re dealing with nearly ten years of stories and photos. Some of the articles survived but the photos may not have been so lucky. So I’m setting out to do my best to restore those stories.

One of my own personal favorites is when I drove Tim Odell’s 1967 Ford Country Sedan from Southern California up to Northern California. I was happy with my photography from that piece and it was a reminder of a great time out on the open road. In an old machine, with a Bluetooth speaker as my only companion, the big rig roared up the coast on a journey back to its owner.

There are others that are currently lost in the shuffle. And I want to fix that. If you have a favorite story you remember, but it’s not currently viewable on the site, sound off below. I’ll do my best to fix that problem.


  1. The post that finally got me converted from a lurker to a commenter: The Obscure Muscle Car question of a 1956 Dodge D500. I liked that whole series, but that post in particular tipped me over the edge, given that my Grandfather factory ordered a 1956 D500 sedan, with a Super Red Ram power pack Hemi and a manual transmission.

    1. I’d second that – and restore that olelongrooffan’s old articles. I wonder how he’s doing, and his daughter, too? I’m hoping they’re both doing well.

    2. I’d second that – and restore that olelongrooffan’s old articles. I wonder how he’s doing, and his daughter, too? I’m hoping they’re both doing well.

    3. I love his stuff, but we haven’t heard from him in sometime now. He’s welcome to post if he ever drops us a line and I hope he’s doing well.

  2. Golly, I don’t ever go browsing through the old posts, not more than a couple weeks old, so I don’t know if any of them are missing. Thanks for trying to maintain the integrity of the archive.
    I could do with a few more Classic Captions, maybe on occasional Fridays to keep us through the weekend?

        1. 100+ comments every week…those were gold.

          I also wonder about the comments lost on some existing posts. Occasionally, I send this one to people, but it looks so…empty.

  3. All of Kamil’s photographic essays of abandoned cars in Europe. And Antti’s articles, too.

      1. The various cars living and dying in Poland posts will were so full of pics that re-doing them would be pretty much impossible. But I do have the pics saved… somewhere.

    1. Yeah we weren’t having great luck with our first LeMons car; a 1984 BMW 633csi. We went through a ton of guibo joints.

      1. The way it was categorized , looking through by subject . Are sites like AT expensive to maintain.?

  4. Commenter asks ” Why is the media so hard on Tesla ” ? Every failure is documented and every achievment ignored.

  5. I can’t think of any one article in particular, there’s been many great content over the years, but one thing I would like to see would be a search function. It’s kinda hard to check out the older posts without one.

  6. I know its not one particular article, but I do miss the Craigslist Crapshoot. That’s what got me from a occasional viewer to a participant. The audience participation is fun. I am glad Last Call is back

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