Hooniverse Asks- Do You Collect Car Magazines?

mags It’s safe to say that if you’re reading this right now… and now… and even now… that you get some of your car info fix from that marvelous invention, the Internet. This glorious series of tubes, as those who are profoundly ignorant of such things describe it, has canted forever many integral aspects of contemporary life. Consider classified ads, sending someone a letter, or, most notably, pornography, all either replaced or enhanced by the Internet. But do you know one bastion of the last century that’s still holding on to the past? That’s right, print! If you were to walk down to your local corner market I’m sure that there’s still a rack stocked with periodicals, newspapers, and perhaps even a Sudoku book or two. Oh and look, there’s Car and Driver! Car magazines have been around for almost as long as there have been cars and many of them were phenomenal repositories of facts and beautiful photography. So much so that they were often worth keeping around even after a new issue arrived, the same not being able to be said about Cat Fancy. Ugh! I am not ashamed to admit that I have a rather sizable collection of car magazines, including just about every Road & Track from 1955 through 2005 and just about as many of Car and Driver, Motor Trend, Car Life and Road Test. And that’s just the U.S. rags! What about you? Have you gone totally digital, preferring the thigh-warming comfort of your iPad to the musty odor of an old and yellowing monthly? Or, do you share my affinity for fire hazards as well? Image source: ©2014 Hooniverse/Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved

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